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Some people have all the luck

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Wow....we're really LUCKY! :shock:
  2. I prefer ours!
  3. Hard to tell if the the important bits are the same and it just looks different because of paint, fairing etc.
  4. I like the overall shape, however I have a dislike for bikes that have front fairings that seem to be tacked on as an after thought ie. SV1000S
    However those header pipes are sexaay!
    Whats the name for the rear suspension setup that uses two shocks? Is it just called a twin setup? And what is the benefit vs single shock?
  5. There's one in these colours I've seen on the mystery ride. I think it's rather natty. The faired version would be popular in Sydney.


    As for twin shocks, they're cheaper, and not as good as a monoshock.
  6. It's a classic old Honda paint scheme, the overall look of the bike evokes the old CB-400F cafe racer of the 70's.
  7. I don't think anyone's lucky. They have an ugly 80's paint scheme and huge visible chromed up exhaust pipes, with no side fairing at all.

    Better than our vtr250 looking thing... ugh. Looks as sleek as a walrus.
  8. Looks like a lollipop
  9. Never thought I'd think this about a LAMS bike... but that thing is sex on wheels!

    If I had the $$$ for separate weekend and commute bikes, the 400 would be my 1st choice for commuter hands down.
  10. Huzzah for Australia and it's shitty-plastic free bike!
  11. The posted pic in the OP is the Bol'Dor version. The only difference is the front fairing.

    They usually release it a few months after the naked model. The Bol'dor has just come out in Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, where they sell both models.

    I can tell you all the differences are minimal and cosmetic, though the faired version is a little bit more expensive.
  12. I realise that, but given our limited market, is that version coming here?
  13. why.. do we have issues with our appearance up here ?.
  14. I believe the polite way to phrase it is "twin shocks are retro". :LOL:
  15. twin dicsc.

    is the CB400 a sports bike now :D
  16. The bikes (and cars) released in Japan are amazing. Their basic models have options even our top models don't... pity they aren't allowed to be imported...

    (I heard that if a model is being officially imported already - even if it is different in composition - you are not allowed to bring in a grey import of the same model.)

  17. I have NFI, but it should.

    You can import the kit to turn the standard cb400 into the Bol'dor though.
  18. Daddy look!!!! A pepsi bike.

  19. :rofl: