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some people have all the luck

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by slyfox, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. when not at uni i work as an orderly at the epworth hospital generally in theatre but also in the TAC rehab. department, as you can imagine there are always a few motorcycle guys in there, most have a great story to go with their visit, but this guy is worth a special mention.

    55 year old bloke, looks more of a harley rider to me (huge white beard) :p been riding for 20+ years and never had an accident, rides (well, rode..) a GSXR when one day he comes around a blind corner leading onto a freeway (might of been the monash i can't remember) where a council truck is parked by the road cleaning up the shrubs/trees by the roadside and putting them through a wood-chipper. they had neglected to put up signs before the corner warning of their presence.

    he hits the breaks, manages to stop when a lady in a cage comes around the corner and cleans him up, he flys up the shoulder of the road (misses the mulcher by a metre or two) :shock: and is pretty smashed up. ambulance arrives and the $#*@ing cage driver is hysterical about their injuries (bruising to knee) and has to be calmed down before they can assist downed rider. :roll: :evil:

    he told me this months ago and yesterday when i was picking up a patient for an op it turns out to be him (hadn't seen him since then), i say g'day and have a chat about the council &^*$ up, and he says i've got a good memory, 'isn't it still fresh in your mind??' i say.

    no he replies his mind is on his latest misfortune, turns out he'd made a recovery, been discharged and within a month he's driving down the road, a cager somehow moves through three lanes of oncoming traffic out of control and takes him out as he's coming the other way.

    so he's back at the epworth in rehab where he started! lordy lordy. :(
  2. That's almost too sad to even mention. How unlucky can a guy get. Sounds like he's retained his sense of humour though. Hasn't been put off riding either, which is good.
  3. I think he should take up knitting, riding is obviously ganging up on him!
  4. Yeah, I think somebody is trying to tell him something!
  5. Come on mate, everybody has to take turns at being the Shit Magnet and right then, it was his turn....

    As long as we continue to share the role of Shit Magnet around, it means we should all only suffer from it once each....

    I had mine, before I was a born again bike rider I had a car accident that wasn't my fault, finally got the smash damaged car back after 5 1/2 weeks and then wrote it off (this time it was my fault) 3 days later.

    Have you had your turn??
  6. 20+ years without a stack. The rules of probability had to catch up with him. :D Seriously though, poor guy. It would have to suck. :(
  7. that's my point, once each yes, twice in 6 months when neither was his fault resulting in a stays in rehab. = harsh.

    still he was lucky he didn't have head injuries, i'd take 5 stacks and visits to rehab. for busted body bits rather than once with a closed head injury :oops:
  8. And what would you concider to be UNLUCKY :?: :roll: :?
  9. it was clear i thought it was unlucky otherwise i wouldn't of sarcastically used the title 'some people have all the luck' i was looking at the positives :roll:
  10. Poor guy. But 20 years without an off might have pushed karma in his favour :p

    Sounds like a top bloke though.
  11. So are we saying that the longer you ride without a major accident the more likely you are to have one??

    Or could it be that a rider, by riding carefully, could avoid that altogether??

    I'd like to know cos I've been riding for 31 years!!