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Some people are just wrong

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by undii, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. :shock:

    that story makes 'trough man' look almost normal :LOL: :? :|
  2. You mean the urinal guy that used to hang out at the fetish/leather pride parties and whatnot? I heard he has actally passed on.
  3. that's the one... not surprising really - i wouldn't imagine that sort of behaviour would do much for one's health :?
  4. who exactly is trough guy? and am i gonna be sorry i asked? :?
  5. He used to lay in the urinals at big parties, Goose. Was a bit of a Sydney seedy-underground icon for a few years.
  6. yeah, im kinda sorry i asked. so thats what it take to get yourself icon status huh? hmmmm...
  7. My mate actually pissed on him at a party once. He had a name as well, trough monster or something.

    Used to wear a wet suit and goggles, and just roll around in the piss in the trough at the men's toilet.
  8. yeah, i saw him at a party once but a combination of balanced upbringing and 36 hours without sleep made me freak out and go and find another bathroom :LOL: :LOL: :|
  9. I am really sorry I read that....

    what's that dear, would I like some lunch?

    Errr... no thanks. :-&
  10. what was the smell and taste like though?
  11. Looks like he's in the shit...

    Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  12. what a crock of $hit!!!
  13. Scat is very disturbing
  14. You would beat the S*&T out of him wouldn't ya :LOL:
  15. One sick way to prev on people :shock:
  16. If you're still talking about trough guy, he actually gets off on being beaten up!

    Don't ask me how I know this........
  17. :shock: :shock: Your kidding arnt ya . He is screwed up.
  18. Oh I wish I was kidding!!