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Some people are just stupid!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bass_player, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. It sounds as if he was a bit dim...
  2. That's stupid...
  3. What a silly little tool (to put it lightly).
  4. Probably just some kid on his trail bike, And the cops had nothin better to do except chase him and surprise surprise he fell of after a supossed short chase :shock:
  5. lucky not to be in a bag.
  6. I see young, unreg/lic idiots like this far too much. Particularly down around Anglesea they seem to be everywhere.
    They give us dirtbikers who obey the laws a bad name. Not to mention they often ride dangerously and on the wrong side of the tracks.
    I totally support cops chasing these idiots and kicking them off their bikes if they have too!
  7. cute pun
  8. he doesn't sound too bright. :LOL:
  9. Why do you guys make "light" of the situation??
  10. Oh don't worry, I'm just as dark about this as you are, he's not exactly a shining example is he? :p

    Okay I'll stop now...
  11. Watts the matter with you eh?
  12. Be careful with the "dark" comments as he may have been just that. Wouldn't want to have the err "Spotlight" turned on us by some "EverReady" lawyers lol :LOL:
  13. Ah yes, the old conspiricy theory. The kid was riding at night with a torch for a headlight. A relative of yours?
  14. You just have to laugh. The dufus has brought it on himself. 9 times out of 10 blokes usually get away with this sort of caper.
    I wonder if as reported the police were actually "startled" :shock: that he was using a torch as a headlight? :LOL:

    You've got some electric puns doggy. You seem very switched on. I cant hold a candle to any of them. :grin:
  15. There's been a whole battery of bad puns generated from this one. :roll:

  16. These puns are terrible, it's enough to drain the energy out of any bright spark
  17. I'm sorry Woodsy, it's Friday and we need something to lighten up the afternoon. :roll:

    And purely by concidence as I was typing that one of my colleagues who's restoring an MG Y series just called over to say he's found where he can get new headlights... :LOL: :LOL: