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Some PC help XP rebooting issue

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Hi people
    I'm not overly savvy with the complexities of the windows operating system because when something goes wrong it is so friggin difficult to find out why.
    I have a p4 2.6ghz with 2 gig ram and 256 k video card all running beautifully.
    Only issue is when i do a reboot after installing software it cannot find the startup disk.
    I have to switch the machine off then start it again and it works fine.(cold start)
    Why does it do this only on reboot but not from a cold start?
    It's a recent phenomenon and not something old.
    All virus and spyware are up to date and I have found no issues and I rarely use this machine online anyways.
    Can someone explain in laymans terms what may be causing this?

  2. In layman's terms I'd suspect the cabling to the hard drive, the big grey flat ribbon one. I'd replace it and see if you have the same problem, and failing that, I'd suspect the hard drive itself. The ribbon cable goes with the red tracer at pin one on the IDE connection on the motherboard, and next to the power cable at the hard drive itself.
  3. But does that explain why it starts off a cold start or after hibernation?
    I don't want to open her up just yet as I then have to somehow make a disk image of the hard drive to install another hard drive in order to get it to go again if the hard drive is fubar. (did a diagnostic and hard drive seems fine)
  4. when there is no startup disk, does this mean you do not even get the windows screen?

    perhaps the boot-up device on reboot is set to cdrom and wait for keypress or boot cd to be inserted, and on fresh powerup harddrive
  5. Perhaps you're using too much choke :rofl:

    {Sorry, mate, I couldn't resist it..... :wink:}
  6. If you hit DEL or F8 or whatever the magic button is to get to Setup during startup, find the menu with "Boot Drives" or something similar written.

    The primary boot drive should be your Hard Drive, and the Secondary one should be CD-ROM or DVD.

    I have had these switched around without me actually changing them, and it resulted in similar booting problems.

  7. Yes it could, if you are using an IDE (not SATA) hard drive, and a 40 wire IDE cable, instead of am 80 wire IDE cable. Or the cable has come loose a bit.

    Most modern (faster) IDE hard disks work better with an 80 wire IDE cable. Using a 40 wire IDE cable could mean that you are getting signal loss, and warm booting may be just enough straw to break the camels back.

    Does it happen if you just do a warm boot without installing software. That is, just do a Windows Restart?

    Anyway, check the hard drive power and IDE cable connections at each end, to make sure they are firmly seated. Try to work out if they are a 40 or 80 wire cable. 80 wire cable as thinner and less rebust than 40 wire cables, but to be sure you may need to count the wires across the cable.

    Otherwise I would suspect having a CD/DVD drive on the same cable as the hard drive, or the drive itself is a little dodgy, and may need some attention.

    Report back, and we'll see where we go from there. :grin:
  8. You know, after many many years on a PC, I finally went to a MAC.

    It's hard to look back let me tell you.

    I don't use the PC now unless I need to print a membership card. The mac only has 1gb of mammary so as soon as I can put 4gb in it I'm sure parallels will run fine and I'll install the printer drivers on doze through the mac and turn off my PC for good.

    Stupid thing that winblows
  9. People never have problems with Macs?? Lord have mercy, who'da thunk it?? :roll:.
  10. Ohh be carful using that sort of language when communicating with a member of the church of apple.
    All hail the giant apple.
  11. PC 4 LYFE

  12. Amen to that brotha ;)

    As I've recently posted elsewhere, I tried a mac... now I'm learning the specifics on linux... :p

    But I still won't be moving from PC anytime soon :grin:
  13. Anyway, to divert from the undoubted fun of sniping at Mr Jobs, to the issue in hand.

    smee, when you start the computer, before it starts into Windows, tap the del key several times and go into the BIOS setup. Find the section which deals with 'Startup' or 'Boot devices' and see which is set as the first device the machine will poll on startup. It should be IDE-0, which is the primary hard drive. It MAY be the CD-ROM, as sometimes this is set for the purpose of being able to boot a machine when the HDD is fritzed or suspect. Whetever, make IDE-0 you primary boot drive, hit esc, and choose 'apply changes and exit'.

    When the machine re-boots it will seek the boot sector of the hard drive first. You should see the 'table' type banner describing the machine's specs, then it should go looking for the HDD and boot from it. Now the important bit.

    If the words (or something like them) 'hit any key to boot from the CD' appears, then there IS something wrong with the hard drive, or the connections thereto.

    And if a message about being 'unable to find boot device' also appears, there is a similar problem.....
  14. cheers
    will take the box apart and check the connections.
    In answer to some yes if i hit restart it reboots but then cannot locate the hard drive, but i will hit the off button and immediately restart and it'll work straight away.
    I have a feeling it may have come loose since during times of frustration at some doze programs i tend to give the box a whack.
    The mac shits all over this POS and when I receive the macbook upgrade this doze box will not be needed for DVD burning.
  15. Problem solved was a loose connection on the slave drive not the main drive,
    go figure
    hornet wins!
  16. By all means, give him credit for finding a small electrical problem

    - but the man has a 10 year old Honda, if anyone was gonna know what your issue was...
  17. :?
    it doesnt have a reg/rec though.
  18. :LOL:
  19. Netrider, CONNECTING riders :rofl: