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Some other new guy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MidKnight, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. Hi all! Just got my learners recently and saving for a bike.
    Friend of mine mentioned this community so I figured I'd check it out.
    I have next to no idea about nearly anything so I take any advice I can get.

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  2. Welcome.

    Ask away then....
  3. Welcome to NR MidKnightMidKnight .

    there is plenty of motorbike related advice here and some not motorbike related, but since you opened the door...Incoming!

    Air contains 21% oxygen, 78% Nitrogen and 1% of other gases. :D
  4. Welcome to NR...

    Also, come on down to the Saturday Learner Practice sessions when you get a chance...

  5. Will do that once I finish saving.
    About another month and I should be able to go shopping :)
  6. welcome aboard :)
    if you haven't already gotten your gear check out AMX superstores, Bikers Gear Australia and the discount / end of season areas at peter stevens
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  7. I know of AMX actually, there is one not too far from me I think.
    Been past Peter Steven's before so I'll have a look next time.
    Never heard of Bikers Gear Austraila before so I'll have a look at them for sure.
    Thanks for that
  8. Welcome mate :cool:
  9. Welcome MidKnightMidKnight ,
    Whereabouts are you ?

    If convenient also look at Bikemart in Ringwood.

    You don't need a bike to visit the Elwood learners sessions. It's nice to have one and practise your skills but before you get one you can look at the different sort of bikes people have, and see what might fit you, and meet some of the crew.
  10. Welcome MidKnightMidKnight some pretty awesome peeps around here,
    Certainly plenty of methane as well ;) enjoy your new addiction.