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NSW some operation on the M4 the last couple of days

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Azamakumar, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Bit of a heads up, yesterday saw a blue maloo pounce on someone for speeding, and a red unmarked falcon do another, both around 5.15pm headed eastbound just after the prospect hwy. This morning (around 8) the falcon was back in the left lane (probably waiting for a bike to go past in the e lane), and there were 2 bike cops near mays hill (catching bikes in the e lane).

    Didn't see anyone on the m4 westbound on my way home but I'll bet my left nut they'll be there for the run home today.

  2. They use maloo's now? just getting harder and harder. Its no longer just looking out for a white Commie or Ford sedan, now they have fancy colours and even non sedans.
  3. Thanks Aza, I use this a fair bit. I saw a couple motorbike cops on the m4 last week too.
  4. 2 motorcycle cops on the way home, one near the hill rd entrance and one near where the toll booth used to be. Is there an actual operation on or are they just looking for easy pickings?
  5. I went through the old toll plaza about 3.50pm today and they hadn't arrived yet - lucky for the bikes I saw slicing and dicing the traffic I reckon...
    Not many people slow down to 70 there these days I've noticed, and it's pretty easing pickings if they need to...
  6. easy pickings I think, cops been hanging around the alfords point bridge lately. They're probably not making quota.
  7. Just drove home. The variable limit after the tollbooth westbound was dropped to 40 for roadworks, and the one after that was 70 (nobody actually working in the latter reduced limit). 1 car hiding on the james ruse onramp and another parked in the grassy area left of the great western on ramp.

    what a joke