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Some one has expressed interest in the Excel.. Need advice..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Manny, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Wow, some one finally wants to have a look at the excel. This is awesome, because the 6k or so I get from it = I am finally a rider. Huzza

    Now I need some advice on what I (we; mum and I) have to do to sell it, in terms of documents.

    The car is registered in mum's name, she owns it, yada yada. Now if person X says "why what a lovely car, I'll take it" what do we need to supply them with? rego documents obviously, but do I have to write them out a reciept of purchase or anything else?
    When I bought the bike the guy just gave me the documents and a hand written reciept (he had a little recipet book) and I was off on my merry way.

    So do I just have to get one of these merry reciept books? is that all there is to it, or is there a dark side that I do not yet know about? :eek:

    Thanks a lot
    - Manny

  2. On the registration papers for the car there will be a change of ownership section. Basically you write down the persons name, amount you sold it for, date etc. You see it on the back i think or maybe the bottom of the front. I can't remember exactly but have a look it's on there. Legally that is all you have to do (i.e. it's their receipt). You have to give them the rego papers anyway. I wouldn't go giving them that though until they have paid for the car.

    If this confused you PM me and i'll explain it to you in more detail.

    Josh =0)
  3. Oh ok, thanks a lot Josh.

    I'll need to give her (the car) some TLC tomorrow to get her ready. Hopefully this lady is like every other girl I know and can't see dint's or scratches on cars. =p
  4. If you have Word for windows, try something like this template to cover yourself. I'm very particular about a lot of things and this is one where, if I can find a tool to suit, I'll use it.

    :D :D :D
  5. Re: Some one has expressed interest in the Excel.. Need advi

    Why don't you drop into an RTA office and ask them exactly what you have to do?
    In Victoria you can't sell a registered car without the supplied roadworthy.
    The laws in NSW may be different.
  6. Up to you but i wouldn't except cheques, personal or bank . They give you the bank cheque and you hand over your keys , while they are on their merry way and before you can bank the cheque they go to their bank and cancel it . Hence you have no car and a worthless piece of paper . Far fetched , yes , but has happened.
  7. Then you report the car stolen & have them charged with fraud as well! To sell it you need to supply a receipt, a RWC & a notice of disposal. Trf fees are based on sale price of the car so the receipt you wite out will be important! Total amount is up to you as long as it shows paid in full!
  8. not if the cheque was fraudulent too and you have absolutely no way
    of finding out who they are or finding them again!

    btw the fees are based on sale price or market value, whichever is higher...
  9. Thank you Androo....
  10. Re: Some one has expressed interest in the Excel.. Need advi

    You can sell an unroadworthy vehicle you just have to hand in the rego' plates, in other words, cant be driven on the road.
  11. Re: Some one has expressed interest in the Excel.. Need advi

    nar, you can sell a vehicle without an RWC, the buyer will just have to sort that out themselves.

    they've got 14 days from the sale date to hand in the transfer papers and if they havn't got an RWC by then, they can pay the fees and they'll get another month or more to organise the roadie. after that, if they still havn't gopt the RWC, the rego is either suspended or cancelled, i cant remember which. but none of that is the sellers concern anymore, once the papers are signed and handed in, its all over for them.....
  12. Re: Some one has expressed interest in the Excel.. Need advi

    Yep very valid and true.
    When I sold my commodore however because I didn't bother with a roadworthy I sold it for about $300 less than the asking price, took the number plates off it and the new owners took the car with temporary permit.
    I then cashed in the registration receiving about $380 for the plates and rego.
    If ever selling a car that's got no rwc that's the way to do it.
  13. yeah, you wouldn't argue the point if your paying $300 for the car eh :LOL:
  14. Update:

    She came she saw she conquered

    Well, she offered 6k, then went on her merry way. Mum said 6.5 was what she wanted to sell for, so I am going to try and talk the lady up to 6,250.

    She seemed like a nice lady, and she told me she rode a cb250. I should recommend netrider to her next time I see her..
  15. You should already have a netrider sticker on the car young Manny . :wink:
  16. Oh, sorry, I saw Excel and thought someone wanted some help with a spreadsheet. I'll just sit in the corner here and pretend not to notice, shall I?