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Some newbie questions about bikes and licensing

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by blitzkrieg, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,
    I thought I would do a fresh thread addressing some of the things I need to know.
    I have searched through all the old threads about buying a bike etc before starting this thread.
    Just a couple questions...

    I am six foot tall (lanky) and dont have a massive budget ($2000 maybe $2500 - EDIT: I'd rather be on the cheaper side. Even under $2000 if possible considering the price of gear and licensing) at the moment after buying my car. I really like fully faired race bikes but I dont know if I will be able to afford something like this
    Can you please suggest some good bikes to suit my height and budget I can look into?

    Would you advise I get my learners permit (ridersafe course) before buying a bike or after? I have ridden a dirt bike but that was about 2-3 years ago so I'd be pretty rusty (VERY)

    I REALLY appreciate any advice you can give me about buying a bike I'll fit on.
    Thankyou so much,

  2. ...and also what do you guys think about a cbr250r.....I read the single r's are hard to get parts for...is this true?
  3. yes they are. i got the RR and thats already hard enough to get parts. Most of my shopping done for that bike has been from ebay.
  4. Ryan

    Not wanting burst your bubble, but realistically, you're going to need about $600 for the license, $150+ for a helmet, $50 for gloves and $200 for a jacket (conservatively), so that's a grand out of your budget.

    Maybe get a part time job, book the license for say, November, and save like crazy so by the time you get the Ls you've got some extra bucks to go looking.

    I'd be interested to see what others reckon you could buy for <$2,000...
  5. Theres enough single R's around for there to be plenty parts around. I see em all the time at wreckers.

    Fully faired and under $2k and 90's u are looking at GPX, ZZR, NSR150SP(flame me :roll: )

    Unless u want to devl into the wounderfull and rusted world of 80's bikes
    Single CBR, maybe and old FZR but anything 80's and faired will be hidouse

    u only need to budget about 600 for gear u will of course have to find this shit on specail somwhere
    200 helmet (nitro)
    120 Jeans (dragins)
    40 gloves (any chepo brand)
    140 boots (joe rocket)
    60 cheap jacket (joe Rocket)

    theres enough cheap bikes around if u can find them.
  6. It costs just under $350 all up for your L's in SA
    I already work part time and most of my pay goes into the money pit (car) or other sh1t,
    In terms of gear I only plan to get myself a cheap helmet and a pair of gloves to start off with.
    I dont need a faired bike, I wouldnt mind a naked at all.
    I was looking at getting an FZR250 a while ago.
    What I really need is suggestions of bike that would suit me (being 6ft tall)
    I can pick up a CBR250R that needs some fairing and a service (some faults) for just over a grand which is pretty good but I have heard they are pretty small bikes.
  7. ...and thanks for the model suggestions zbike.

    One more question...should I buy a sh1t bike to start on or save up a bit and buy a good bike?
  8. When I started out I kinda started out with about $3k-3.5k but it wasnt really enough. I ended up spending more than $4.5k all up.

    Bike $3.5k
    License $250
    Rego transfer and RWC $200
    Gear $600 (good jacket,ok helmet and gloves)
    Bike's first service and get it checked over $350

    As you can see it all adds up. Even if you went for a different bike than mine you still have more than $1000 on just other things.

    Hope I'd helped in clearing up a few things for you.
  9. You'll be struggling to get all that for the money you have.

    $600? :LOL:

    Hes getting a legit license & not paying a bribe for an illegal one UNO. :p
  10. Ok, well put my bike budget at $2500 (gear, licensing and rego aside)
    Are you saying I cant afford a decent bike to learn on for 2500?
    Please guys, I just want some suggestions of good learner bikes for a tall person! please!
  11. Realistically a new rider with propoer gear will need:

    Licence $300
    Helemt $400
    Jacket $500
    Gloves $100
    Boots $250
    Pant $400
    sub total$1650
    Bike $ 6000 on road
    Insurance $~500 p.a.
    First service $~400 (or service after buying a 2nd hand bike).

    New starter costs: $~8850

    Personally, if you can't afford to spend around $8k - $10k on starting out with decent gear and a reasonably good bike... don't just yet.

    Riding is a hobby and should be fun.

    Remember riding is dangerous and the machine and gear keeps you alive!
  12. Ok, well put my bike budget at $2500 (gear, licensing and rego aside)

    What BIKE can I get for this price range considering my height. (Not rego, license, gear)
  13. AS edited above.
    I can buy a jacket with one week, then boots etc on the way.
    Im not going to be stunt riding without protective clothing.
    Please....bike models under $2500[/b]
  14. sorry noone can tell you what bike will suit you, younedd to get out and sit on some bikes do some research, some of the old kwakas you could pick up for under your budget, there are a heap of old school beauty's out there, but you need to search only you know exactly what your after, all what will fit you, alot of taller people do suggest the older zzr's and gpx's, but also look at some old gpz's kwakas as well, none of these bikes are really sporty but your budget doesn't really allow for something more modern
  15. I'm about 178cm, 77kg and I scored my Spada for $2.4k. Perfect size for me I'd say.

    But like others said, gear costs a shitload.

    I was lucky that a mate offloaded his jacket, gloves and pants to me cheap (exact same size) as he was going overseas - $300

    Shoei helmet - $500

    Boots - $200

    Including some small bits needing to be fixed for roadworthy, all up it cost me $4k in my name ready to ride fully geared up.
  16. I fit a cbr250r and I'm about your height and fairly well built.

    I'd be iffy on any bike being that cheap, but parts for the cbr250r aren't hard to find so long as you don't mind using ebay or calling a few specialised wreckers for the more obscure parts.

    I began riding on $5000 with full gear, bike rego and pbly another $500 for licensing. Something you might find bad is maintanance. Yes there is a fair bit if you ride a lot, especially if you have an old bike. I would probably not try to aim below $4000 total cost.

    Get your license, and start saving. Don't rush into anything, and always think "there will be a better deal next week" and eventually there will be something and you will just say "yup, thats it".
  17. Wow - so many conflicting stories - no surprise there, though...

    My story - $1,000 for a 'classic' CB250 (1981 model but well looked after and slightly heavier and more powerfull with six gears); $300 for helmet; $80 for gloves and boots from eBay; $75 insurance; standard ralliart jacket and tough jeans...so all-up equipment under $1,500 with the course fees on top of that.

    The bike has done me well so far in a couple of thousand k's riding (been fantastic learning experience), and I'm booked in for Level 2 next month.

    Then it's time to spend some mor on a better bike (KLE500?) and some better gear - now I know I'm hooked.