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Some newbie gear!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Omecle, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Hey, getting my license soon and once I sell my car I'll be able to afford some gear and a bike.

    But just wondering, what kind of helmet, jacket, gloves and boots would be wise to get? I was thinking of just getting some draggin jeans or something similar.

    Basically, I'm not really up there on what brands are good and what brands to stay clear of. Also, would love it if the helmet has some sort of ventilation so that the visor doesn't fog up every time I take a breath (which happened on quite a few helmets I had tried on in a store).

    Probably willing to spend somewhere around 1,500 for the gear.
  2. I aint no expert...
    but IMHO i'd go the draggin jeans.
    Boots : alot of good brand avail, I went for Rossi
    Jacket : If you are after a good ventilated textile, I'd recommend Rjays Octane Jacket ( do a search here for users opinions )
    Gloves: something with kevlar and knuckle protection ( ventilated in summer ).
    Helmet : depends on your head shape.. arai and shoei, shark, appear to be the most popular ( and expensive ).
    re: the expense How much is your brain worth to ya?
    Most helmets have ventilation, but you will find you wont get one that will NEVER fog up. Make sure you get a breath guard, and when at lights ... flip your visor up a notch or two
    Like I said, I'm no expert.. :wink:
  3. For my first 3 months:
    300 AGV helmet, there are a few around this price range that have great protection considering the price
    300 dri drider climate control mesh jacket, comes with removeable layers so you can use it all year around. If you're going to be an every day rider, mesh is the best as its the most versatile.
    120 Dri rider gloves - they do the job and are comfortable, but the blue dye comes off on my skin when its wet/sweaty, I wouldn't buy this model again
    I bought all of the above together so they took about 120 off as discount.

    After a few months I got some draggins for 200 and some falco boots for 200.
  4. the first thing i do with a helmet is rip the breath guard off, they are annoying and ugly. :wink:
  5. **double post**
  6. There are better jeans than draggins out there now. We all assume draggins are the best because they were the first. The term 'draggin' has almost become a standard term for any type of kevlar lined jeans.

    Try these:

    Hornee - Shift - Icon or Joe Rocket.

    For My 2c, the Shift 'Torque' Jeans seem to have the best coverage of kevlar and also have stretch panels for the groin and lower back (top of your ass :wink: ) They also look really good too. Leather trim at the rear near the back of the feet to stop you wearing away fabric if you tread on them and some funky stitching too!

    I've also tested them out (ouch) and they work a treat.

    Some people talk about the 'grade' of kevlar. Kelvar is Kevlar. It'll stop you tearing flesh off which is mighty cool indeed :grin:

    Oh yeah, and they're only 200 smackeroos!

    I've owned 2 x pairs of draggins and they fell apart after only a couple of months. I found the stitching was quite weak on both pairs.

    The Hornees are a good looking pant, but are not denim. They're a cotton that looks like denim and therefore quite weak. They seem to be poorly made in the stitching dept also. I'm on my 2nd pair of those too. Also pretty pricy. They seem to be made more for looks than practicality.

    Anyway, good luck!
  7. It all depend on what kind of look you're goin for. In terms of Jackets I notices that Hornee , Shift , Icon or Joe Rocket etc.. akin a of ghetto racer , lose lifting and a cut differently (bigger). If you goin for a Euro skinny tall racer look then go for Daniese, SPIDI, Alpinestar, AGV etc.. Boots there is several Gaerne, Sidi, Puma and all the above. So just go for the one you like best. I would go down to Peter Stevens and check what they have and try everything on. Then I would shop around for the best prices. There are three Peter Stevens in Melbourne depending on which store you go to you can save about $100 the same item. If you a buying alot of staff much sure you bargin with them.
  8. hey bud once we finish your car you gotta come shopping with me!
    I'll get you some good practical stuff for what you want/need at this stage mate, we just gotta get something that'll fit your boobs :p haha
  9. My advice would be to just try on as many brands as possible. Don't be fixed on any particular brand, just ahve an open mind and try on as many as possible.

    I found that the Ixon brand fit my body shape much better than any of the alternatives, but you're mileage may differ.

    The same goes for helmets. As long as it's got the Australian Standard mark, just try as many as possible and go for the most comfortable.

    Draggin jeans are great. Alternatives may be as good, but I don't have any experience with them.

    I recently passed my L's and I went down to Bike Mart in Ringwood (Vic) and they were very helpful. I bought a helmet, jacket, Draggins and gloves (passed on the boots as I generally wear ankle height leather boots anyway) for about half the figure you're talking about. I recommend them if you're in Vic.

    Enjoy shopping and remember - he who dies with the most toys wins! :grin:
  10. You also may not have much choice in helmet,

    The only brand that fit my head shape most confortably was a NOLAN N-84 (looks good though and has a small sun visor you can flip up and down)

    Try on a few and go to a few shops that stock other brands until you find one that is snug without pushing hard anywhere.
    (i use the mouth/nose guard and it still fogs up when you stop at lights, its no big deal clears up in seconds once you move off.

    Denim jeans are cotton its just a dense weave, i didn't like any of the draggin jeans style i went for Icon Anthem's, i found them on the internet and ordered them through a motorbike shop.
  11. The only thing I could tell you about motogear is this, "How long a you going to ride for 1-3 or 4-10 years?" If you are going to ride only for acouple of years then buy things in the middle range that offeres both styles and protection. If you are going to ride for the next 4-10 years then buy the top of the range stuff as they will last you and with this kind to things it also allow you to to add-on just in case you do decide to do track-or day courses. I think the helmet fogs up while you in the store is due to you not moving, while riding the helmet will/shouldn't fog up.
  12. Sorry for the hijack, but can I ask where you bought your gear from, Phizog? I'm in the market for some gear and we live in the same neck of the woods.

  13. When I first started riding I found that I felt really claustrophobic because of the breath guard, but I got used to it very quickly.