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Some new guy...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BlooNinja, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. G'day all.

    Name's Tim and i live in Melb's eastern burbs. Been involved in the car scene for awhile now and i figured it was time to change "codes"

    Just bought a brand new Ninja 250r in thunder blue and will be getting my L plates this weekend hopefully!!

    I hope to meet some of you fine people in the future so until then, take care!
  2. Hey mate,

    Welcome - lots of good info and helpful people here. I'm in the same boat... I think there are quite a few of us getting their L's soon. I guess a few sunny days sparks the interest in all.

    Doing my L's at HART somerton this weekend coming.

  3. Welcome to both you fair-weather bikers :LOL:!!
  4. Welcome guys - look forward to seeing you on one of the rides sometime
  5. Welcome dudes...hope to see you out there soon. Enjoy !
  6. Welcome aboard Tim
  7. Welcome. Yep, perfect weather to start riding :grin:
  8. Funny you should say that, im doing the exact same course. Saturday and Sunday. So i guess ill see you there hahaha
  9. Hi and welcome to NR

    Good luck with the L's
  10. Thanks mate :cool:
  11. So...

    As from today I am officially a biker!!

    Passed the test with flying colour's both prac and written. I know i should be out on the road, but im just about knackered form 2 days of riding and testing and as luck would have it the weather this week is supposed to be shite.

    Cant wait to get out there and meet everyone!!
  12. Congrats Bloo...
    Catch you at the L practice next Saturday!
  13. Thanks fella, just went for a quick ride around the baysie burbs last night, stone flicked up hit me in the eye.

    Some dickhead (me) forgot to put his visor down in all the excitement. Ohh well. Day off work, so cant be all that bad. :p
  14. Congrats Bloo!

    Enjoy ripping up the streets with your Ninja ;)
  15. Thanks mate! :D
  16. Welcome to NR Tim, this site is very good and load with good people.
  17. Thanks mate!!! Yeah im starting to feel at home already :)