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Some new graphics ideas

Discussion in 'Helmets' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Jan 27, 2011.


What do you think

Poll closed Feb 11, 2011.
  1. It rocks

    8 vote(s)
  2. Not bad

    6 vote(s)
  3. Needs Work

    2 vote(s)
  4. Goz could do a better job with a paintbrush stuck in his ass

    4 vote(s)
  1. Okay so here is a new graphic idea that can be used on the three main colour helmets

    red, blue, graphite

    feel free to openly comment in either positives or negatives




    and white on graphite

  2. the script writing that you see on the graphics - I plan to use quotes from netrider members

    for example "I want my whole life to be made out of carbon fibre - Mr Luke "
  3. Unless I am missing something why are you using RHoK
  4. i like the black and white one, but not with the yellow bits.
  5. I like the "bug splatter" look on the white one.
  6. That last one kinda looks like my helmet. Only mine is dead locust and bees on black.
    Edit: Damn, Spenze was a minute faster than me on that one.

    Not a big fan of the meaningless writing in the background, just reminds me of the paper cups they serve hot chips in.
  7. Fantastic new designs mate - depending on each individual's taste/colour coordination, I think they would look awesome when donned.

    Which brings me to asking : How is the Black/Gold helmet going, for Black/Gold R1 riders ? ;)
  8. yeah i just noticed that too. don't like it.
  9. I'd agree, remove the meaningless writing - otherwise they all look great
  10. Okay this is great - I appreciate everyones comments


    RHOK is the brand name - Takamii is my business name

    the Takamii wont work as a logo on the helmets due to its size and shape of letters etc

    RHOK is Racing Helmet Of Karbon ( K being a play on the C )

    advertising slogan is " Put a RHOK between you and a hard place" and "Lighten up and wear a RHOK on your head "

    Nickers - the second one is supposed to be more of a gold colour ( this is the R1 helmet ) hasnt transfered that well at the momment thats all

    lowecase those yellow lines are actually supposed to be a "chrome gold" I may make them a "chrome silver " instead

    JD - I will look at removing the writing - I was I mentioned before I was considering using some netrider quotes as the writing as a way of showing my appreciation to this online community for their support and input
  11. Thanks Takamii.
    Just wondering, any chance of making the black markings (on the Gold/Black R1 helmet above) gold and the gold (larger area) black ? That is, reversing it around ? That's too gold, for my liking..prefer more black with gold accents.
    Just curious mate - appreciate all your efforts.
  12. sounds like a very good idea
  13. Could always go with Krash Helmet of Karbon, though you may then need to change your slogans. :LOL:
  14. I think it should be "RHOK - velociraptor approved "

    somehow KHOK doesnt do it for me LOL
  15. They're pretty good, but in the first three the curved visor and the placement of the line on the helmet graphic seem to clash. They don't go together quite right, though keep in mind it's only seeing from the one angle.

    Actually the comments about newsprint on chip cups reminds me of the classic dotty and slightly rough magnified newsprint look that gets revived every so often, and sometimes done in black and white with a touch of red - graphics as well as words. That could actually look good with a bit of a play with various aspects.
  16. Only problem with that is we all know if you give scientists access to velociraptors there's only one thing they're going to want to do with them.

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  17. There's another self-quote to use in teh scripts. :D
  18. Looking good!

    and white on graphite
    I prefer this layout much more. The fluid lines look better imo than the blocky patterns stopping at the chin.

    Although I prefer the RHOK without the tacky crosshair/aim/shooty thing, and would change the stroke colour of it to be more similar to the prior examples.

    If there was this layout in a blue, I would be buying it.

    I think this is a neat idea.. not only do more 'spatters' over solid blocks of colour hide real bugs/dirt collecting on the helmet (which is why I think the white on graphite is a better layout) but it's a quaint idea.

    OCD note: on the top 3, I don't like how the points of the 3 triangles at the chin aren't mid way to the curve of the helmet, and that the branding isn't centered to the points. 8-[
  19. a chrome silver would look sweet as!! :D
  20. noted and thank you