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Some new Ghost Rider vids.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Rohizle, Jan 6, 2012.

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  3. ahhhh the video is no longer available due to copyright darn it
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  5. Thankyou Dr. Matt
  6. Thanks man, nice bit of motorcycle p0rn to look at!
  7. This may get pulled again, but here is one of the two that i posted.

    drmat's link is good though.
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  8. the speed is impressive but the douchey arms crossed pose at the start made me want to punch him in the visor
  9. impressive ?? are you serious. the man is a freak of nature. 300kph bike is useless to him, because he's just banging of the rev limiter in top gear everywhere.
    perfectly acceptable to pose when you have achieved God status.
    note: a great many copycats have died.

    but grab the torrent if you have'nt allready.
    is ****ing awesome.
    got to watch all the best of his stuff on the big screen telly at home. must be 2 hours or so on it. it's not all just spliting traffic at 300kph. you need to see this guy hit the twisties.
    and the end of the movie is a good half hour or so of him trying to entice coppers to chase. pretty sure he's just lapping the ringroad buzzing the same cop cars repeatedly. fairly apparent most of them are over him by now, but some give it a crack. and he lets them keep up for a little while.
  10. The turbo Busa is nuts... can't even keep the front wheel on the ground over 300!
  11. Probably worth noting as well that in the preview for this movie, Ghostrider has said that without more people actually buying the vids rather than downloading them they won't be doing another one. 24.50eu to order.
  12. I always wonder - if this person is so good at controlling a massive horsepower bike at high speed in traffic and urban settings

    why are they not winning the motogp every year
  13. Patrik Furstenhoff holds the world record for fastest wheelie...

  14. he's not THAT good. he's pro, but no where near the skill of the top level riders. not even close. Rossi has more skill in the tip of his little finger by comparrison.
  15. first time torrent downloader here i using utorent i belive now what do i do
  16. if you download any .torrent file, (Very small files that begin the download) utorrent -should- automatically start the process for you, just follow the prompts.

    so click the green download button on the page dr.mat linked
  17. Not enough ego.

    He did post a pretty good lap of the Nurgurbring, can't recall what the time was though...
  18. Watching it now.. this guy is a true menace

    EDIT: PS he must have amazing fuel range...
  19. He also knows how to filter.. lol
  20. Having big balls and splitting traffic at high speeds is a bit different to being able to find a tenth here and a tenth there on a track, and pushing at 100% for an hour or more.