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some new bikes on Honda Australia's website

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. well they've updated a bit more with some new 07 models finally.

    of interest to me was the 2007 Hornet 900. Why? cause it comes in a different colour! (i'm a girl, colour is important)


    and the 2007 CB 1300s (faried version) again for colour - check out the red frame!!

    they haven't got the unfaried version yet.
    there are now only 3 or so bikes they're not showing in 2007 models....can't wait to see em!
  2. That CB1300S looks like a design from the 70's

    It is seriosly unatractive.

    [EDIT]Not to mention that 3 of the 5 features are about the colour scheme which indicates it doesn't have a lot to offer[/EDIT]
  3. When you have a naked bike with a 1.3L engine which makes a relatively lazy amount of power in exchange for monster-truck-rally torque, I guess you don't really care about features. :LOL:

    I agree it's getting pretty dated tho'.
  4. Wah, 70s flashbacks - KTMs, Kawas and now Hondas all producing orange bikes!
  5. Would look great without that fairing though.

    I'd consider buying the naked version.
  6. Man that Hornet's been virtually untouched since 2002, with the exception of preload-adjustable forks in 04.

    Still, I'd own another in a second, poofy colours or not.
  7. Still no word about Hornet 600.

    They still have nothing to offer to a street rider looking for a medium-size bike of 500-750cc, I mean something along the lines of now discontinued CBR600F4i. Or, you know, Hornet 600!

    I really thought they'd put Hornet 900 out to pasture by now!

    All in all, a truly dismal picture from Honda.
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  9. the non-fairing version looks the business.
    uch more agressive.

    as for the hornet 600 - well as I said in the other thread, it is coming to australia, we're just waiting on confirmation of when. i go tthat straight from Honda MPE.