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some new band videos for you all

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, May 4, 2009.

  1. Nice, whats your bass player have, an ESP LTD? Looks like mine.
  2. Why yes it is! he loves it.
  3. Linky no worky.
  4. sorry abou that, try them out now Loz
  5. I see you have added the rooting song. I approve of the rooting song.
  6. We all do.
  7. I read it as.."some new banned videos for you all"..I was most disappointed.
  8. Why are you being turned upside down?
  9. I thought they were quite good.
  10. Good aussie rock nice to hear
  11. It's all part of the rooting thing.
  12. I wouldn't mind turning that singer upside down, if that's the case.
  13. I approve.

    So, when are next playing at Kiama? I could be coerced into going as far as Wollongong.
  14. Is that what 'Summer of 69" is about then? I liked the vids, when are you playing in Vic next? Have to get along and take a look.
  15. thanks mate!
    in the process of trying to sort out some dates for later this year at the moment actually
    i'll keep everyone posted!
  16. yay Tash