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Some Netrider Ride Footage

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by conspiracytheorist, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Hey, western trip was great. Took a bit of film at each stop and thew it all together with some music on the back. Pretty crappy editing, oh well here it is.


    Also shamelessly promotes NR at the end :grin:

  2. Great effort and a top turn out as well :cool:
  3. Nice vid.
  4. Wow very nice video I enjoyed it. I liked the bit when all the bikes came out of the tunnel! Do another vid but strap it to the tank next ride!
  5. Someone lend me a tank cam and I will :cool:
  6. Dude,

    Tell ya what, you got some good patience there waiting for those noobs
    to work out where first gear was. :LOL:

    Good on ya because I wouldnt be able to do that, nor would I want to. ](*,)
  7. I didn't mind, especially with how little experience a few of them had. I was in the same position as them not that long ago, luckily Jeff has seemingly unlimited patience. Wait I'm still real slow :grin:
  8. Little experience or not, I would have expected they at least know
    where the first friggen gear is before doing such rides. :?
  9. The tunnel, is it two way?
  10. Haha yep. Its not as dodgy as it looks.
  11. +1 Was great seeing the amazement of the crowd watching.

    Great work, Phiz! Most entertaining and gives other learners who haven't been on a ride an idea of what they're like.
  12. Awsome video cant wait for the next cruise.
  13. When we were at the 06 toy run, a guy on a bonnie came in and parked near us.

    He had mounted a tripod base onto the top of the fork housing and he had his vidcam mounted on it.

    Damn fine invention \:D/