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Some motorcyclists are thick

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spud Gun, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. I ride to work and park my bike by a building across the street. One day I am parking up and I see a bike parked right in front of a fire door. I roll my eyes because I know what will happen. Literally the next day, signs were put up everywhere around the building saying 'No parking, private property'. We all have to suffer because some basket case doesn't have a clue what they are doing. I think that most body corporates ignore bikes parking at their buildings provided it isn't an inconvienence, but when some colossal knob blocks a fire escape and violates their fire safety laws, they sit up and take notice, and inevitably overreact. This was also the same guy who would park his bike in the opposite direction to everyone else (front wheel to the wall), are making it impossible for someone to mount their bike.

  2. A polite little note stuck to his seat might remind him of his responsibilities!

    But, then again, he probably can't read either.
  3. Yeah! :LOL:

    at the least you should maybe PM him.
  4. Go one do the name drop, you know you want to.

  5. I think they were a bit unfair on everyone, there, spud. I would have thought it would have been far more effective to have towed his bike away, or wheel clamped it so they could confront him about his inattention/stupidity. (Maybe this guy had been warned a few times before, so they dropped the hammer on him, and everybody else too?)

    Punishing everybody because they don't have the courage to deal with individuals seems to be the sad trend of society these days, and, of course, one idiot makes it just a little bit harder for the rest. Let's just make sure we're not that one idiot, eh? :D
  6. yup, theres always one tool that ruins it for everyone. The bloke who parks it funny on the footpath and some blind lady falls over it, before you know it - the whole footpath parking thing is thrown out, even though 99.9% of riders do the right thing. People think that they can't make a difference because they are only one rider. Well a bit of common sense goes a long way.
  7. Indeed, it works in both directions, eh? One idiot can ruin things for others, one determined person can better things for others. Let's hope Netrider stays heavily populated with the latter person, he or she is in great demand!!

  8. Com-on Marty , we want to play to :D
  9. Back in the good old days when I worked in the city, I parked up on the footpath outside my building when a fella in a suit walks up to me and asks "Is that your bike?". He says that he is the building manager.
    Hello, I think, here we go. All prepared for a rant about blocking the footpath, or making the place look untidy. etc.
    Yes, he says, the shop managers have complained about my bike being stationed near their premises, But instead of telling me to p1ss off, he invites me to use the buildings underground carpark free of charge from now on :D .
    THAT'S the way to deal with it!
    (Now I work in an outer industrial estate with heaps of empty space around and the boss won't allow me to park anywhere on the property :evil: )
  10. Hey, at least you guys can park legally on the footpath in Victoria. We can't here.
  11. Hrmm...I think I may know who you mean. Works at the end of CBD? :-k

    Incidentally, at my end of the CBD, there are some (not just one) who park their bikes on an angle. One guy parks it so that it blocks half the footpath on a daily basis. :roll:
  12. I must say that one great thing about Canberra was that the paid parking areas had a special area set aside where bikes could park and you didn't have to pay at all. That showed some beureaucrat was actually thinking.
  13. But this is just a myth...it never happens!!!
  14. It all depends on where you are and how wide the footpath is. Where I am it's those that don't park at an angle that are the problem (on quite a wide little-used piece of footpath). If they don't park at an angle then there's not enough room for all the bikes. :roll:

    There's no "rules" for footpath parking (except for blocking access or specifically excluded signed areas) they are "guidelines" only. To me that makes it even more imprtant that people have some sense and obey the guidelines as much as possible - otherwise they become arbitrary rules with no flexibility...

    Parking on the building side is something that should be avoided because it can cause problems.

  15. probably me, but i had never thought of it until some nice person stuck one of those notices explaining the footpath parking rules
  16. Be that it is only guidelines, if you're blocking half the footpath so that it only allows 2 people to squeeze through, it'll annoy the crap out people. It's annoyed me and I'm a biker. I've got no problems with those who park at a pretty acute angle or parallel to road (which is actually most of them), but if one or two bikes are almost perpendicular to the road, that's just bloody ridiculous.
  17. It depends on the width of the footpath and common sense. Most footpaths you couldn't park anything but parallel to the kerb. I can't think of too many spots within the actual CBD area that you could park any other way. Outside Fed Square near the Russell Street Corner where there's plenty of room then parking at right angles makes sense.

    Where I am (just outside the CBD proper) there's a couple of bikes that park on the inside of a narrow footpath. It annoys the hell out me because it's got the potential to inconvenience a lot of people. Most of us here park about 50 metres away because it's a nice wide footpath with very few pedestrians, and up to a dozen bikes park there (safety in numbers - and I know the security cameras in the Premiers Department across the road can see my bike :wink: )