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Some Motorcyclists Are Their Own Worst Enemy.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TheBlokeAtNumber27, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Pretty soon in the bike forums I frequent I expect to see a whole bunch of whinging and whining threads titled along the lines of..."Why won't they let us wash our bikes?" ....................Well I'll tell ya why sport !! It's because some dirt bike riders leave the car wash looking like this. Mud splattered over the two walls, crap all over the ground and so much mud on the brush it would have rubbed the next poor users car or bike back to bare metal.
    Some motorcyclists are their own worst enemy. They will leave a car wash looking like a pig sty and wonder why the "NO MOTORCYCLES' sign goes up next week.
    It's a shame that in a climate when some riders are trying to raise the profile of motorcycling we still have idiots like this bringing us down in the eyes of the community.


  2. Yep ,leave it for someone else to clean up ,never giving a damn about the next person Or the reflection on the wider community being bikes or 4x4 = SELFISH ](*,)
    they leave with the ''they wont know who done it'' attitude = most places have Video =D>
  3. just a question here (first, I agree, not cool) but, you need to keep putting money in to keep getting water for cleaning right? Or is it only soap and stuff that costs money? Last time I used one of these car washes, I used around $20 (from memory) and it just vanished so fast. Barely had time to clean the car. Perhaps if the pressure hose (water only) continued to work to allow some clean up time? The use already has to pay to clean their vehicle, do they have to pay to clean the car wash too? (yes I know they are the ones who left the mess).

    I'm not condoning this, and I certainly have/would never done that, but, just wondering if perhaps the car wash could do a little to help themselves here too??
  4. My car usually takes $6 to wash.

    Stick $4 in and you've got enough time to rinse the bulk of the mud/dirt off and then start soaping with the broom brush and just keep going when the time runs out. I then stick another $2 coin in and rinse it off and go.

    Mind you I've come home with my boots covered in mud from the 4x4/trail rider crap all over the floor ](*,)

    You've got to pick your car wash as some give a lot more time than others for your dollar, If the car is muddy I'll do it at a wash bay but if it's only got road grime I'll wash it at home so costs nothing except the water used.

    Now that water resrtictions have gone down to Stage 1 you can wash at home and a reasonable pressure washer is only around $100 so do it at home FFS and you'll save money in the long run but mess up your back yard.
  5. For the amount of money they charge I will be cleaning my car, boat, trailer, bike whatever no matter how dirty it is, ffs it is a wash and that is what it is supposed to be used for, yes they even get dirty - the concrete gets dirty too, sometimes the walls as well.

    Yes some people even leave the brush caked with dirt, just wash it out get on with it and deal with it.

    I am not going to use more money to hose down the surroundings when I am finished cleaning my vehicles period. Thats the owner/proprietors obligations to it's customers.
  6. both the carwashes in my area have large signs saying you cannot wash dirt bikes or four-wheel drives at that wash

    problem solved
  7. I used to work at one of these places

    I would be there in the morning 3 hours and the evening 3 hours and all day sat and sun to keep the place clean , keep it operational and help people out etc

    Avoid Sunday afternoons at car washes that is when dirt bikes show up

    I agree the customer should not pay $$ to clean up after themselves

    The percentage of really dirty bikes and 4wd was small so it was no big deal

    I have seen worse though --- Some guys used paint stripper on a car shell and then brought it to the car wash to wash it off with high pressure rather than scrape it off

    Paint stripper and paint went everywhere - they did it at 1 am - saw it on the CCTV recording
  8. Wow...$20! what are you cleaning off? kittens?

    I spend at most, $5 at a car wash to clean my car. $3 to rinse and then soap the car. The car can be scrubbed without putting money in once you have soaped up the car nicely. Then just $2 for rinsing.

    Since I don't drive much anymore, I clean my car when it rains...drive it out from under the carport as a pre-rinse, drive it back under to give it a nice soaping then drive back out to let it rinse. Works every time!

    The amount of money they charge will probably just cover their overheads while at the same time make a little profit. It's a business, not a charity and as a customer, yes you are obligated to make a mess, unless there is a sign that says otherwise. However don't come crying if they jack up the price because inconsiderate people make a mess and leave it for the next person to clean up or a sign saying "no 4x4 or dirt bikes".

    If you find it expensive, clean it at home. Probably will be cheaper and easier and probably less scratches from the brush left behind by other inconsiderate people.
  9. it's been a while since I used one of these. I just remember driving away with the feeling that it was expensive, so, maybe not $20 but it felt expensive. My point was, I remember being rushed for time. I'm not sure that I'd want to finish, then put in MORE money to clean the bay after I'm done. If there was water still available tho, you could just give the bay a hose down when you're finished.

    btw, I normally clean my vehicles at home.
  10. When I was in Uni I used to spend $1 on a very quick rinse and soap up the car as much as possible and continue scrubbing after the time limit (leaving the tyres and mags for last).............I spent the remaining $2 getting rid of the soap :)..............then spend the money I saved on station meat pies :).

    Those were the days..................living off pies and noodles, saving money for raves and booze :).
  11. It's a carwash. Last time I checked they were used for cleaning vehicles. Why should the vehicle owners also be expected to maintain the equipment and buildings? It might be rude but if you're not computing the cost of maintaining the facilities into your charges then you're not running it properly.

    If this sort of thing is a problem, ban dirt bikes. Don't complain about it...
  12. My car would be lucky to see a car wash at all - and when it did (June last year) I took it to one of those groups at the shopping centre and they did it all for $35 so I thought that was cheap at the time. The bike I haven't figured that one out yet LOL
  13. That's the issue I believe. Trail bike riders/4x4 drivers making a mess of the wash bay. Then a sign gets put up not allowing any of them to wash their vehicle in it. Instead of putting motox or trail bikes not allowed, they just put a sign up saying NO MOTORCYCLES. So the minority has just ruined it for the majority sort of thing.
  14. I think that's the issue

    Mind you, I'm not sure that the high-pressure wash is such a great idea for bikes anyway..... I know we ride in the rain but that's not being forced into all sorts of areas under pressure....

    I wash my bike on the path with old-fashioned soap and water.
  15. Gor Blimey, that was a shock....thought at first that someone had posted up a nice photo of the bog at me school....
  16. Who washes their bike at a carwash anyway?
  17. The problem you came up against when seeing the pig stye car wash, is problematic.
    If there was a regular high pressure hose to be used to was the dirt into a corner pit etc, it might get cleaned up (by the more thoughtful mud wrestlers)

    But trying to clear dirt with the car wash nozzle is too costly, and useless really.

    They need a pit and a 'please wash mud into pit... > HERE!

    Those who fail to comply are that part of the human race that gives us all a bad rep. The ones that still carry larger remnants of 'Neanderthal Man' in their genes. Unfortunately we lack the predators of old that would pick off the weaker humans, thus ensuring a higher quality of humankind.

    That's why on take away coffee cups we have warnings saying 'caution!, fluid inside may be hot!", or 'caution, Baby on board'
    Btw, what are we supposed to do with that!? If we decide we are going to crash into someone we should try and crash into one that doesn't have that sign!!?
    Whenever I've crashed, I never really had a choice on who I crash into.

    A few were cars where the mother was googooing the baby in the back while driving, with 'caution, baby on board' stickers! Perhaps it's meant as a danger sign??!!

    Ermm, accuse my straying from the point of the thread.
  18. Actually no, it's not a 'car wash'.
    It's a 'wash bay', where one should be expecting very dirty vehicles to be washed down. No point having it, otherwise.

    Unless you put a sign up saying 'no dirty vehicles allowed'.

    Regular cars will run through the actual car wash with the spinning drums etc.
    Properly setup wash bays would have a high velocity regular hose that is capable of blasting the mud and clay into a pit which is then emptied at the end of the day. Of course, properly implemented, you would have suitably protected employee who job it was to wash the bays out as required. He'd look like a north sea fisherman. :)
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  19. I agree with many points raised in this thread and I too am appauled of the high cost and effort of cleaning up after myself.
    For example I find my local council tip fees simply outrageous so I just load up the trailer, find some nice pretty stretch of lonely country road and just dump it off at night. I'm sure Vic Roads have a clean up cost built into their budgets. If not, they freakin' well should.
    Similiarly, If I go on a picnic I just leave my empty stubbies, food and sh#t just laying around on the ground and on the tables even if there are bins close by. It gives the next people something to do when they arrive and besides, I'm sure a council cleaner will come along soon. That's what they get paid for. Derrrrrr..
    I mean really!!, you actually expect me to clean up my own mess?? Get real, that what Mums are for right? And if mums not there to clean up then I'm sure someone else will.
    Why should I?
  20. Well I can appreciate both sides of the debate to a point but,...........
    personally, the outright 'grubs' give me the shits [-( with their lack of thought/courtesy to others.......
    My experience was basically a fortnight after taking delivery of a brand new Calais, popping into the local for a quick tub.........

    spray down with a rinse, followed by a soapy, then a switch to the brush....8-[ now, how many of you examine the brush before dragging it across your duco............. not many I bet
    When finished I hosed off, then moved outside for a quick chamois......needless to say I find the roof and windscreen covered in bloody scratches........that wont polish out of a windscreen.

    .......and it wasnt even in a bay that showed the telltale pile of crud from a 4x4..... but there must have been debris in the brusah from a prior user....

    Needless to say, as a given, I will never use a bay with the telltales there for anyone to see........ not that that will necessarily save you](*,)