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Some morans Deserve a Woopin

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FALCON-LORD, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Was out collecting for the Good Friday appeal at the corner of Napean and Glenhuntly, a L plater on a CBR-RRRRR was crusin along and slowing off for the reds. Light turned green he geared down, gave it a fist full of revs and went absolutely NOWHERE!
    So he clutches in searches for a gear, clutch out rev it up and nothing happens. By this point there is a line of cars banked up behind him. And every one of them is on the horn being a complete prick. The poor kid is stuck there in the middle of the intersection with cars flying by on each side, and copping abuse from people left right and center.

    So lights change to red, and I hand my tin off to a other collector and start moving over to help in when one Complete F$#%king moron launches out of his lane and through the red almost taking me out. So helped the poor guy get his bike off the road, and he called his dad and all was good. But watching this line of people on the horn like the poor ba$tard on the bike decided it would be a lark to stop in the middle of the intersection, it was a bloody discrace

  2. Yep, the majority of people have no patience for bikers. L plates in cars at least make people a bit more tolerant. On a bike it seems to do nothing apart from aggravate.
  3. did you find out why the bike didn't work?
  4. Sounds like a terrible experience for an L plater. :(
  5. Ah, if I had known, I would have dropped by for a hi + chat :grin: And as a quick ride for my last known day of riding for no idea when.. (until arm heals I hope :grin: ). Would have been good to go for a quick straight ride down the nepean for 5 mins to your way and head back (as I basically did except go the other way for a 10 min ride on Friday)
  6. broken chain?
  7. As I've said to someone before - "why don't I hold the horn for you while you go and work out what's wrong with it". Gee some people eh :mad: especially when it is at a 'giving' time of the year and at a place where you and others are trying to make a difference and do some charity work.
  8. [​IMG]

    Couldn't resist.
  9. I am so glad I have taken my L Plate off.
  10. Yeah His clutch had gone.
    So he could let it out and rev it up but had no joy

  11. Not true, I find most drivers to be tolerant of my L on m bike, when I rode home for the first time, I forgot to get one, I found drivers then to be intolerant & not forgiving of my mistakes. But they are with the L up.
  12. Didn't they kill the Morans in the underworld war?
  13. Yep, well three of them anyway. One at a footy clinic, another getting into his car and one was shot at his favorite pub. Seems a little harsher than a whoopin from Falcon-Lord, but I guess they did something a little more than honk at a Learner to someone else. :)
  14. Moran furniture isn't too bad either.

    As for the L plater did you give him the advice that if his bike wasn't gonna go anywhere to push it off the road for his own safetly and maybe the idiots behind him to realise that there was something wrong.
    i know not all bikes have hazard lights but they are a great idea.
  15. I found the opposite. As have others from this site who have mentioned it before that I've seen. Might be the bike you have, don't know the answer to it?
  16. how embarassment
  17. There have been many polls and threads about this....
    "should i wear them?" etc.
  18. the morans fought with the barbaros too :shock:

    i dont know if i would be messin wiff them FL ;)
  19. What a difference a vowel makes. And trust us picky sods to notice it, and play with it!!!