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Some mongrel knocked my bike over!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kurtis_Strange, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. I come back to my bike tonight after work and notice that its been moved, I noticed straight away coz I had parked it with the back tyres butted up against the curb this morning, in a public bike park. (Up near the cathedral for those of you in Sydney)

    I had a bit of a look over the bike and couldn't see any damage so just figured someone had moved it, god knows why I thought....and its on a centre stand so it definately hadn't fallen over.

    It was raining so I get my wets on then go to ride away only to find the front brake lever is all bent to shit :x I then notie that the mirror is all twisted as well, luckily its one of those bendy mirrors.

    So I got off again and had a GOOD look, couldn't see any other damage, no scratches and the steering seems fine. I know it could have been alot worse but I'm so pissed off! No note or anything.

    I've called the bike shop and they said "oh its hardly anything, maybe just $100" :roll: yeah good one mate, I'll just go pick it off my money tree. The most annoying thing is I've got someone interested in buying the bike too.

    Ok thats my rant, now I need the advice bit...

    Whats the consensus on public bike parks? I haven't used them much but I thought they would be the safest place in the city as most riders are very respectful of bikes in general.

    I'm now wondering just how safe parking your bike in the city for the day really is...I can imagine if I dropped some serious cash on a new sports bike and that happened I'd be a danger to the public.

    Wondering wether it would better to just get a hack to commute to work on save the real bike for recreation where it DOES NOT LEAVE MY SITE. Not sure how feasible that is though.

    Is there anywhere you definately would not park your bike?
  2. Yeah i dont leave mine anywhere i cant physically see it pretty much.

    No good to hear thats happened to you dude. Very poor form for someone to knock the thing over without taking responsibility for it. Sad fact is thats the way things are going and its gettin worse everyday. For some reason people just dont feel they need to respect other peoples property. Infuriates me :evil: :evil:

    If you park publicly i think your always gonna run that risk, not much you can do. Hope you have more luck in future and it doesnt happen again...
  3. my bro-in-law just had his bike knocked over, ended up $1200 in damages. Sad part was it was on the footpath well away from the road!
    Doesn't matter how much care you take car park billiards is the game and where all involved.

    Sorry to hear that some shyte damaged your bike.
  4. Dam, thats a bugger. Lucky there wasent more damage then there

    Only upside to all of this is that someone has had half the decency to
    pick the bike up again.
  5. you will probably find it was some little old lady petrified of bikers ... thinking she was going to b bashed to death .... and done a runner ... and the person that picked it up was some biker passing by .. seen that happen b4 ... but still sucks .. public perception hasent changed over 30 odd years of motorcyclists so dont expect it to change now ..if they dont stop when they run u off the road ... they sure as shit arent going to leave a note if the back into ya bike
  6. An old lady pushing a bike over?? :LOL:

    She on the roids u reckon? :LOL: :LOL:
  7. A public bike parking area near the cathedral? I hate to say it, but it was probably another rider who knocked you over, mate.

    Not much you can do; if you have to park it where you can't see it, you just have to trust that other people will respect it.

    If it's near where you work, have you asked your boss if you can park it somewhere on the work premises?
  8. I freelance so move arotund alot, I'm in a different area every month...its really only a problem when I'm working in the city (at the moment I'm working right on the corner of King & George st).

    When I'm in the burbs I always have safer parking it seems.

    Hey just rang to get two insurance quotes on bikes, the hornet I've been looking at and am now again in a position to buy :) and an 05 CBR600 F4i

    I was thinking maybe wait a few months and get this bike, but after today I'm freakin on the safety of my bike out there, anyway insurance as follows from NRMA:-

    Over 30 been driving for 18 years...

    00 Hornet valued at $8k - $456 pa
    05 F4i valued at $12k - $1337 pa

    Now thats just ridiculous!

  9. Premium for the Hornet is a decent price
  10. oh I agree, I was referring to the F4i which is insane

    you have to add another $1500 on just to buy a new bike
  11. :D :D Thought thats what you prolly meant.

    It is a bit steep.. but what can you do..
    Is that the cheapest you could get for that bike?
  12. lol I walked away from it at that point, I'm going back to the Hornet which I think is a great bike...I'll get the F4i when I have more experience, and money ;)
  13. The problem with the public park in Sydney is you'll get people trying to move your bike to fit in theirs. I've giving a mouthful to a couple of people I've seen trying to do this to other bikes.
  14. You dont like full fairings/sports bike?
  15. yeah I do, alot. But I can't get a newish one for $8k
  16. F4 price seems a bit geeky.
  17. 98-00 model not new enough for ya?
  18. 98-00 model with under 25,000km not new enough for ya?
  19. well I don't know enough about bikes really, I figured 2000 was the stop mark, ideally?

    I deally I want 2000+, the Hornet I'm looking at is 2000 with 16kms

    why you now of something?
  20. I only know from looking for bikes daily for nearly 7mths.

    Cant see why you couldnt get a 600cc/750cc Sports around that age
    & price range.

    I always reduce whatever the advertised price is anyway because I
    dont pay the advertised price. If they dont budge I'll take my $$ to
    someone who will.

    Up to you to do the work looking hard enough for one tho.

    But if youre happy settling for a Hornet, then thats the bike you should
    get then. Just make sure you'll be 100% happy, bc the last thing you
    want to do is buy a bike because you just want to have your ass on a
    seat but your heart is for another bike. :wink: