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Some minor confusions on my new street triple...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thetrumpetplayer, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    I just took delivery of my new 2012 triumph street triple R and I wanted to make some observations/questions about it which some of the more knowledgeable posters might be able to help out with. I'm not a 'new rider' by any means, so I don't think this thread belonged there...

    - The bike 'note' sounds like a mix of a nice burble (exhaust note) and the engine has a real boiling kettle 'whistle' sound. Is this the right sound? I've only done 25kms! Still breaking it in obviously.

    - The bike runs hot. I mean flaming crotch kinda hot. The manual, which isn't the be all and end all, states the temperature gauge should be around 3-5 blocks on the display at all times generally. Mine is running around 6-7 (8 max overheat). Is this just part of the breaking in to run hot? Could it be the coolant or similar?

    - In positive observation, I've ridden Hyosungs, Hondas and an old Ducati around and nothing out there handles and corners like this beast. No kidding, it's on rails on corners. Such a huge grin :)

    Thanks all.

  2. whistle noise is normal, when the exhausts carbon up they sound better, mine runs hot but does not appear to be an issue. I've just gone over 9000ks and love it. Bought the 2012 R end of April.
  3. The whistle would be the air intake.

    The temp is not normal, is this in traffic or at speed?
  4. In traffic. First 25km I've noticed. It doesn't drop when at idle/neutral either... The fans are running, but no drop.
  5. Fan continuously running is not normal especially as its winter, so I would take it in since you have a warranty.
  6. Cheers Vertical. It's a notch above this example:

  7. Mine has just clocked up 2500 klms . My temperature usually sits around 5-6 bars and I think it may be slightly lower now than when the bike was new. The other thing I noticed was the arrows ran hotter to touch when I put the baffles in.

    I have grown to love the triple whistle.

    It is an awesome ride :) I cant get the stupid grin off my face.
  8. If this is the case then I'm just being precious with a new bike. It 'seems' hot at 6 bars all the time when the manual quotes 3-5 normal, but I want to be sure.

    I know what you mean! This is incredible.
  9. Have you checked the coolant level ?
  10. Mine runs that hot. Usually only in stationary or slow moving traffic. Seems pretty normal for the bike, from what others have said.
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  11. Willing to be corrected but I believe it's the balance shaft.
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  12. Yup. All the levels for everything are all topped up from the dealer. I still checked them upon delivery.
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  13. My temp bars sit level with the top of my gear indicator. When idling for some time the fan will kick in.
    Considering that you are not even close to being run in, I wouldn't be too concerned, the motor will be very tight.

    If you are concerned, take it back to your dealer.
  14. Keep an eye on the temp, it is high and shouldn't be so. The engine being new and tight means nothing , I've had three new 675's since 2006 and none ran constantly hot. Take the bike to 'Charlie' at 'Turn one' for service work , the guys the best around these parts.
  15. I'd take it to get looked at.

    One bar short of the maximum seems too hot for any type of water cooled bike or car.
  16. mine felt like it was set to run rich for run in, so that might be it. give it a few days and ring the dealer if its still doing it. they are used to us.
    the gear change lights are cool. set mine to the run in revs and watched the pretty lights. like SE mode
  17. Which is a 6. That's where it's sitting most of the time for me as well. I guess no real need for concern, especially as it's not even close to being run in.
  18. Shoulda bought a Hyo.
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  19. Ah, the Triumph thread troll, I see you have nothing constructive to add...again.
  20. As has been sais, the whistle is normal and is just a part of the mechanical sound of the triple engine. Nothing to worry about.

    If you are physically hot sat on the bike (ie not just the bike indicating hot) then I would first check coolant levels are ok, if they are take it in. You shouldn't be hot sat on the bike - not at this time of year anyway.