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Some meaningless rambling

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by blackadder, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. #1 blackadder, Apr 11, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2014
    As of last week, I have no motorcycle to ride. At least not legally. It was a bold move to motivate me into saving up for a new one. Those who have seen my bike will agree... I need a new one. :) In any case, I now have good reason to get around in a car and enjoy all the modern creature comforts it offers. Like a roof and a heater. I am also able to catch up on sleep during my morning commute, wear different clothes everyday, generally be around the speed limit and not worry if the shopping will fit. I'm also certainly more excited to see other motorcyclists on the road now.

    But it isn't without its downsides. Long gone are the days when I could park right in front of my destination or easily pass an erratic driver using the footpath, gutter, bike lane or lane gap. And then there are times when the girlfriend insists we try the food at some obscure little eatery that Melbourne is so often admired for. You see, on a motorcycle I only need a rough idea of the location. This is because, even when I am lost on a motorcycle, I look purposeful and know very well that no road rules apply to me and consequently feel no guilt for breaking them. Gentlemen will also appreciate that riding 2up on a motorcycle significantly reduces the chances of a 'let's ask for directions' argument. In the car, I'm afraid my left ear is going slightly deaf and I've become an annoying lost tourist. The kind that wants to double park with hazards on, turn left, wait, no right, and reverse up a one-way street.

    Eventually you reach your destination and your eyes desperately gaze directly at where you want to be. "There it is, there it is!" you cheer. Strangely, instead of finding the nearest curb ramp you drive away from your destination and spend, what must be an eternity, looking for a spot to park your cage. Now this caging business is very popular and apparently the distance from your parking spot to destination is inversely proportional to the size of your penis. Thus you will need to enlist the help of (a) your significant other, who is now a free parking spot hound or (b) pay some ridiculous amount to navigate level after level in a cage storage complex carefully scented with carbon monoxide to remind you that (c) suicide is also a possible third option.

    By the time you find a spot you are probably late. At least you are dry, smell good, look presentable and have only small items that need to be carried. All good and well then. You quickly forget all of that and enjoy your dinner without anyone kicking your helmet under the table or your jacket being dragged down the aisle.

    When it is time to go, there is no ritualistic dressing of gear, no obligatory 'be safe' moan from the group's self-appointed safety minister and certainly no onlooking crowd as the bike roars into a lumpy idle. Instead you've forgotten where you had parked and lost your parking ticket. When you do find your car and ticket, you realize you haven't quite gotten use to the concept of locking doors. But you did lock the steering.

    p.s. I've placed empty braces to save you some time, Justus. :)
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  2. What? What's going on M?
  3. Nothing.

    We've had some >110,000kays of fun.. time to let it retire

  4. #4 dima, Apr 11, 2014
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    You don't just let it retire with no replacement? Or do you?
  5. So reading between the lines of the first sentence , you still have it but you've taken it off the road semi - permanently ?
  6. OP needs to be published.
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  7. better get another soon Black, you will be sorely missed, loved the way your ride always made mine look brand new lol
  8. nicely done in the style of netrider.
  9. You are Boris's bastard son aren't you ?
  10. No replacement. Cold turkey. It isn't so bad. There is more to life than riding motorcycles, apparently. He he he. I got sucked in for a few years there, non-stop thinking about bikes bikes bikes bikes. Will always be in the blood but time to ease up a little :)

    Yeah, cancelled rego but still keeping it for track.
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  11. When it's in the blood , it's certainly very easy for it to become an all-consuming passion. I think a lot of us have been there at some point .
  12. #12 dima, Apr 12, 2014
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    Whatever l the passion in life you found, or whatever your reasons are sincerely wish you good luck with it.

    I'm sure I'll see you around though.
    And I'd love to hear your story since I wouldn't mind quitting bikes one day too. But ATM I can't see myself without riding.
  13. Sorry B, but I think you need to see a shrink. Cancelling the rego on a perfectly good bike on a whim, and retiring to the beigeness of a cage? Sorry, but that's pure insanity! :p
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  14. Oh, I'm already saving for the next bike don't worry. It's just sometimes you get sucked in so far you think if you leave it for a moment you'll miss out on something. It's not the case. So maybe, in the same way I ratted up a perfectly clean bike, I've cancelled the rego; To make a point to myself.

    This motorcycling thing is very addictive. A drug. And we like to hang around other drug addicts. :) A shit load of fun. But you can't let it blind you from the fact that there are plenty of other dimensions that need exploring ;)
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  15. In your own words, you called motorcycling a drug... Well then, just you wait until you get withdrawal symptoms... ;)
  16. Are you all right? And that too from someone who's been riding a Striple! Won't last long.
    It's just HARD seeing a bike sitting in .the garage and not riding it. I know I feel like s&$@ when I am not able to ride for a week at a stretch. Every time we go touring in a car and I see someone on a bike I envy them their privilege and freedom. (Not recently tho when I drove into Melbourne in a torrential downpour :) ).
    All the best. Get well soon! :)