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Some m0r0n in a black civic

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by AznCruiser, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Background.........went out early this morning to ride around the blue mountains, specifically along Cliff Drive between Katoomba and Leura. I cant believe why no one ever discusses this magnificent piece of tarmac more. I basically went back and forth a couple of times. Only issue was bits of gravel on some of the corners and a water stream on one of the bends but thats basically it. What a gem of a road and a gem of a view.


    Going back down the mountain was a different story with crawling 60km on large sections of the Great Western. The main downer though was a Black civic I was following, these scums of the earth P platers threw a full bottle of beer out the window nearly hitting me. I now smell like beer. These S-heads should be flogged in the main square!!!!! Has anyone else experienced similar beer attacks before?

  2. Number plate and dob the fu#$ers in. Or go flying past and boot their mirror off. Then you better do a u bolt and kick it off the road before some poor sod hits it on his/hers bike.
  3. One of my mates actually did that to someone while I was driving once..

    The twit regretted it when I stopped 'n let him face the angry rider :popcorn:

    Strangely enough he hasn't done it since :-s
  4. that wont do anything -- happened to me about 4 times ( while i was in a car ) and each time police did NOTHING
  5. Option 2 then.
  6. Report them to the police, and for littering.
  7. you are awesome, shags! i'd have done the same thing :D

    i can't STAND when pricks do that shit, mates or not.
  8. I had a uniformed police officer in a marked police car throw a lit cigarette butt out his window.. not fun as my jacket was partly open, but done up enough to trap the butt against my skin. Life became very exciting for a bit..
  9. You must have looked thirsty. So long as it wasn't VB, in which case it would be an altogether more serious matter.

    Cars do have kickoffable wing mirrors, BTW.
  10. Yeah I was thirsty, hungry and needed to go to the toilet. Lucky they didnt throw a toilet bowl at me :). They could have handed me the drink instead of throwing it at me, im not the best of catchers. Not really sure if it was VB, I would have preferred Pure Blonde though :).
  11. Perhaps they noticed you were already sitting on one?
    (Sorry, couldn't help myself - glad they didn't hit you dude...)
  12. If I wasnt shitting myself already, I was after that near miss.
  13. Yeah I'm not surprised - reckon I'd have the shakes too...
  14. You were wearing All The Gear though, right..?
  15. Police won't do crap, but the EPA is surprisingly effective when it comes to litter being thrown from vehicles. Best part is that if they contest the EPA fine in court you get the chance to confront them face to face (either inside the courts, or outside ;)).
  16. Didnt manage to bring the nappy and the beer scooper thingy majingger.
  17. I call these guys the spooks in white coats, bit like a scarier MOFO than the FBI but dressed all in white.