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Some kind person

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by helina handbasket, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Forced to take Pubic transport to work, get back to the sattion at seaford and some kind sole has removed me car, thanks B#$!%ard..

    So now have no bike or car happy new year NOT!!!

    ps if you see a red ea falcon SMI634 running around let me know
  2. Sorry to hear that, bastards need castrating
  3. geeze that sucks
    goodluck getting some result from police
  4. Sorry to hear, hope you have insurance for the car.
  5. Sorry to hear about your misfortune.
    If it makes you feel at all better i had my car broken into twice at Seaford station... then i started parking in the Seaford beach car park and didn't have any problems.

    When i went to the police the second time to tell them i had blood on the inside of my car from the theif... they seem very disinterested! I would've thought some blood was a damn good piece of evidence but apparently they don't usually bother taking a swab unless it's 'kinda important'! :mad: As if my car getting broken into isn't important to me.

    Oh, and FYI i was told those camera's at the station don't do a thing and haven't been operational for years. Big brother is very selectively watching what he wants to... :( :? :cry:
  6. So sorry to hear Helina, hope everything works out for you and you have wheel of some sort soon.

    Rotten scumbags :evil:
  7. Ahhhhh Bastards!!

    Why can't the pissant turds just go work for what they want? It's not that freakin hard.

    Hope you get it sorted soon.

  8. Bad luck helina on the car...I know I don't have proof but we all know who it is...the guy that always ask

    gotta dolla for a train ticket

    damn junkies
  9. Sounds like a good reason to install bear traps in your car. Just make sure to take them out before letting the mother-in-law in otherwise you'll never get rid of her :LOL:

    BTW sorry to hear about the theft, that's just crap.
  10. dirty lowlife, scumbag, dog, arse pick, dole bludging, poverty stricken loser..!! :evil:
  11. Is that for the car thief, or the "we don't give a damn" cop?

    Koma what is a "police"? I don't know what that word means? :oops:
  12. It's both! :LOL: I know cops get a lot of flack but I know eventually one will help me when I need it.
  13. dosent rank very high on their important list is the case i'd say :evil:
  14. sorry about your misfortune Helena. :cry:

    & wot happened 2 ur bike?
  15. will do gavin .
    if they find it or catch them , make sure you arrange to go and see them to express your gratatude ! , i would be happy to come along too.
  16. yeh.. feel free to bring dis punkass ***** along.
    i'll bring the rest of my crew along as well. we'll have fun :twisted:
  17. In HIH's own words, from another forum. This all happened on Friday 30.12.05

    basically truck,trailer,car corner , lookout crash


    We set off from HQ, headed to Packenham, had dinner at H'j's then shane led us up the back towards emerald etc, Travelling along maccesfield road,
    caqme to a sharp end , I was TEC, was doing at 40 k , Old truck with a large trailer, plus a car right up its arse decided he needed all the road, got past truck and trailer was waiting on my side of the road for me, Jinked the bike upright, right on the apex of the bend, headed for the shoulder, lotsa loose gravel and leaves etc, bike was a little unstable, Thought I might get out of this , then infront of me was big concrete culvert just below road level and a big white road post, Had another thought and decided if i hit this it's gonna hurt, slammed on back brakes and low sided the bike, stopped just in the ditch to the culvert about 2 feet from concrete. Guy coming the other way in a commodore stopped and helped me up and to get the bike back on its feet.

    Mostly cosmetic damage, but bike wouldn't start, bruised ribs and a sore knee for me,, (sore ribs are really from shane coming back seeing me lying on the road and kicking me for being lazy and having a snooze during his ride)

    Adam wizzes home to get trailer, and poor kerry was left at a servo/postoffice has her bike wouldn't start. We put the trump on the trailer and head off to sort kerry's bike out, Adam thinks he'll ride it home ( Ha Ha).

    Bike starts with a jump start, but as soon as leads come off, bike stops, hmm alternater not producig enough power, so throw it on the trailer.

    On the way back to cranny, hear what sounds like a stone trapped in the tyre, keep going , bang, all quiet now, get to adam's place , shane starts to unstrap bikes, notices tyre is flat and that it smells like somethings been rubbing , adam checks tyre, large chunk of the inside tread and firewall missing. Park trailer in garage and give up for the day , thats about 1 am
  18. Dam.. :shock:

    That day wouldve really sucked :evil:
  19. Sorry to hear about your misfortune Helina, hope the bastards get themselves caught, and you get your wheels back in one peice.

    And as for the police, lets hope they actually put SOME effort into a search for it....Pfft its the least they could do for us!
  20. I wish someone would steal my car. Am sick of the thing and I want the insurance!!