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Some interesting stuff from the ATSB

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. There's a paper on the ATSB web site here PDF 729kb

    It's called Intelligent Transport Systems to Support Police Enforcement of Road Safety Laws

    There's some very interesting stuff from focus groups held with a group of cops that is that seems to have slipped through.

    Here's a few samples....

    I wonder if this applies during the day as well... Implications here for motorcycles with their lights on. Would be interesting to know if they read high or low.

    Unlikely that many motorcyclists...

    Unlikely that any motorcyclists would fit one voluntarily. :LOL:

    Something that anyone who's ever owned a dog knows about. Deferred punishment is a weak deterrent. Speed cameras are a weaker deterrent than on the spot fines by a real live cop.
  2. As long as it keeps bringing in the dollars!
  3. Not directly relevant to the report mentioned, but in a related development, the British parliament have just voted to reject a recommendation from a road safety committee to implement satellite control of vehicle speeds.
    The winning argument was that by all research available in that country, less than 4 per cent of serious vehicle accidents were attributable to speeds being over the local limit. In addition, it was acknowledged that the system had the potential to cause some accidents.
    Wonder how that compares to the research done here? :roll:
  4. :rofl: What farking research, hmmmm?

    The RTA does not do any "research" except to find results from traffic survey's in other countries that they can twist to suit as evidence for policies they've already decided to adopt.
  5. What's particularly interesting was that these were comments made by cops.
    I was pointing out the following admissions (which I've not seen anywhere else)

    laser detectors can be affected by headlights.
    they need a full 500 metres for radar and laser detectors to be accurate.
    no-one has checked to see if automatic plate recognition is accurate for smaller sized number plates (like motorcycles)
    they can't easily catch motorcycles in traffic. (surprise)
  6. Great info Tony, thanks for the post.
  7. the Association of British Drivers article on that here

    ANd some interesting motorcycle stats from the UK
    From Statistical release on Vehicle Speeds in Great Britain: 2006

    The percentage of motorcyclists who exceeded the speed limit was similar to that of car drivers. However, the percentage of motorcycles travelling at more than 10 mph above the speed limit on all road types was higher. Twenty five per cent of motorcyclists travelled at 80 mph or more on motorways compared with 17 per cent of car drivers. This compared with 27 per cent and 19 per cent respectively in 2005
  8. Whereas Vicroads goes to their buddies at MUARC and gives them a quiet word about what a "good" set of research results might look like ... if they want to keep getting that funding from TAC (IMHO, of course. I have no evidence, other than the coincidence that MUARC's research never correlates with anybody elses.)
  9. Actually it's CARRS-Q that's producing the more "interesting" research now... Hence the Qld licencing stuff.