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Some interesting Netrider stats

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by es, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. serching for the term "naked" turns up 352 matches
    "motorbike" gets 418

    "who wants to see a naked" turns up 13

    "p0rn" 64

    "tits" 41
    "boobs" 32
    "breasts" 28
    "boobies" has 17

    "geek" gets 51

    "butt" 211
    "arse" 562

    "chocolate" gets 106

    anyone else want to voulenteer some conclusions on this one??? You talk about arses more than boobs!!!! You talk about GEEKS more than boobs!! You talk about chocoalte more than boobs!!!!!!!!
    I have too much time on my hands!!!

    Most disturbing of all.... we say "arse" more than "motorbike"
  2. My arse we do.
  3. best 250 - 1049 matches
    cbr250rr - 170 matches
    crap - 856 matches
    slow - 733 matches
    broken - 439 matches

    :p :p :p :LOL:
  4. oh handbag makes 62 matches :LOL:
  5. how many matches for "eswen naked chocolate ass p0rn tits" ???
  6. "ass" also gets 295 hits (must have missed that donkey thread).
  7. Across comes up 1235 times I'm not sure if thats the word or the bike. hmmm
  8. More than boobs yes, but not more than the variations (41+32+28+17 = 118). So boobs and synonyms are more important than chocolate.
  9. Honda-1013

    bunch of bloody honda riders! :LOL: :LOL:

    PS this is way better than studying!

    oops i can't really talk :oops:
  10. Across - 1236
    Manbag/Man Bag - 12/1688 :p

  11. ah but i didnt serch all the mis-spellings of chocolate, while i did do most that i could think of for breasts
  12. i think you're misrepresenting those statistics, when you say 'you talk about chocolate' i think if you did some conclusive research 60% of chocolate comments stem from you :D
  13. Oddly enough no stats for jubblies and smoo.
  14. 29 matches for "chocolate" author "eswen"
    20 matches for chocolate eswen (serch for all terms)
    171 matches for chocolate eswen (serch for any terms)

  15. Matt save the boobs there getting screwed!!

    ...hahaha :LOL:
  16. Search any term pinged back 817 results!
    Search all terms came back with 1. :roll:

    I decided to do some statistical research aswell...

    'broken FZR' = 2 hits
    'broken CBR' = 7 hits

    That said... i didn't include the wildcard entries like roderz & SOBIL. ;)
  17. PMSL! :LOL:

    While we're on the Picture magazine theme, how about tockley, spoonter and spadger?
  18. knickers gets only 24 results :(
  19. crack get's 216
  20. ass licker - 295
    panties - 22
    knickers - 25
    gnomes - 11