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Some interesting motorcycle based stats

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Duffman, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. We all know that motorcycle use has been increasing. Government planning continues by and large, to fall well behind. Motorcycles and their riders are not receiving the consideration they deserve. Ok so we all know that but surely there must come a time when the governments of this country can no longer ignore the numbers of motorcyclists.

    • There are now some 420,000 motorcycles registered in Australia.

      WA has the highest number of registrations per capita with 26 per 1,000 people.

      The average age of registered motorcycles has been regularly declining and is now 9.6 years however WA has the highest at 11.7 years.

      1st half of 2006 saw bike sales 20% higher (actually 31.5% for road bikes) than the same period the previous year.

      The same periods saw passenger car sales decline 3.1%

    *Source: ANZ - Motorcycle Sales in Australia (August 2006)[/url][/list]
  2. Old and busted: Water conservation.

    New hotness: bikez!
  3. What I would like to know would be something like accidents per capita, bikes compared to cars as well as deaths on the road. Would be interesting too see if riding a bike really does increase your chances of being killed or whatever people tell me to try stop me from riding.
  4. Me too, but statistics can prove anything... I'm sure if the "facts" were to come out, trail bike accidents would fall under the motorbike category, but tractor accidents would go into industrial accidents. the genpops perception of motorcycles is easily distorted.
  5. hmmm wonder if that is age from Aus compliance? So how would the stats look if we used the real age of the Sumoto imports??
  6. I've been using those old UK stats of almost 30 times more likely to be killed on a bike but 1/10 as likely to have a prang, at least as a decent approximation for what it's like here. Then it's all down to moving the odds in your favour... so I like to think that with care (i.e. not being the kind of person who gets killed in a single bike accident) I can get it pretty close to evens. And that's just on average: I reckon I'm a lot safer on the bike than a young hoon in a fast V8.
  7. I believe that these figures will mean very little to any government for one simple reason; with the exception of the scooter sector, I suspect that the majority of motorcycle purchases are for recreation, not transport. So motorcycling and motorcyclists will continue to get the same sort of treatment as jet-skiers, et al; because there is no clear pro-environmental advantage to our chosen form of recreation AND transport, nothing will be done to our advantage.

    It would also be interesting to know the age-demographic of motorcycle purchases; I think Toecutter posted those figures in another thread recently, but I can't find them.....
  8. well i just thought that that paper was interesting from the point of view of being useful to include as part of a campaign by lobby groups to push for more motorcycle friendly planning in our cities.

    What prompted me to search for this info was that yesterday on the radio i was listening to some moron from some WA government "road safety" think tank. At first i thought all was good because he wasnt spinning the usual crap about speeding. He was saying the priority should be driver education and better road planning. BUT, then he went on to say the most important safety improvement available would be in "dramatically and significantly expand the use of traffic barriers, particularly wire rope barriers throughout Western Australia."

    The problem as i see it is that these people genuinely are not aware that WRB's are a problem.
  9. I wasn't trying to rain on the parade, Duffmen, I agree with what you're saying.. Here's the stat we'd all like to hear; how many of our legislators, local, state and Federal, ride, or ever have ridden, a motorcycle?????
  10. :applause::applause::applause::applause::applause::applause::applause::applause::applause::applause::applause::applause::applause::applause::applause::applause:

    decisions are nearly always made by people who have little to no experience, relevance, or care for said causes.

    i hate politics it's the bane of my life.
  11. At a 30% growth rate in road bike sales, though, it can't be that long before riding is more mainstream and they do have to sit up and take notice.

    Maybe we should have a 'pillion a pollie' campaign. ;) Even better, get one of the big dealers to have a day where pollies can get some instruction and a ride at a track.
  12. Exactly, many of them don't even drive since they get a car and driver supplied as part of their job (probably just as well since they also get free booze provided too).
  13. in SA, the shadow minister for transport is a rider.
  14. Yeah it's just that his mob hasn't got enough votes (even if they raised both their hands) to be able to affect legislation.

    Still, at least there is one voice in there.
  15. Interesting. Any ideas why this may be the case?
  16. Well NRMA says 30 times - ive done the maths and i think i came to the same conclusion (i did it a while back) - i also trust the NRMA (as a member)

    gives you statistics of motorcycles for all areas of NSW - perhaps mixing this with another statistic set you can work out the comparison between cars and motorcycles.
    Hope this helps
  17. Trust the NRMA? :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. They usually keep a pretty fair point of view towards motorcyclists (from what i have read on their website). By trust - i mean its alot more trustworthy than other sites. :roll:
  19. They usually keep a pretty fair point of view towards motorcyclists (from what i have read on their website). By trust - i mean its alot more trustworthy than other sites. :roll:
  20. Yeah the top ten sales, except for postie bikes, would generally not see much road time

    See here http://www.autoindustries.com.au/motorcycles/

    And click just above "Top 10 by Category Jan-June 2006 compared with Jan-June 2005"

    I don't remember this one. There are stats that show accidents by age, but I don't know about sales :?