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Some history that might be of interest

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, May 27, 2005.

  1. I'm not into drag racing myself (though I was at Willowbank when "Pommie Pete" Allen did the first 7 second pass in Australia), but I wonder how many forum users are aware of some of the amazing technological feats the drag race community has performed over the years?
    I'm thinking of Boris Murray, who ran a bike with two supercharged Triumph engines in the late 1960's. And T C Christensen who ran a similar sort of bike with two Norton engines in the mid 1970's.
    Then there was the legendary Russ Collins, the first man to build a 4-into-1 exhaust for a Japanese 4 cylinder engine. He thought that if two was good, 3 was better so he built a drag bike with 3 supercharged Honda 750/4 engines.
    This was the first bike to go under 7 seconds for the quarter in the world and it nearly killed Collins when it spat him off at over 170 MILES per hour (272 km/h) at Bowling Green Kentucky.
    After months of recuperation in a wheelchair, Collins came back with a new bike with a V8 engine made from two Honda 750/4 engines joined on a common crankcase. It became the first bike to exceed 200 mph (320 km/h)
    At the same time as this Denco Engineering was building (with Boris Murray's help) a Kawasaki drag bike powered by 3 highly modified 750/3 two stroke engines.
    This bike has survived and is now in Melbourne and still runs!
    Amazing figures considering we are talking about 30 years ago.
    I invite forum members to research this topic for themselves and see what daring things were being done before many of them were born!!!

  2. Wow... Where's it kept? Can you visit it?
  3. Loz, I do have the email address of the owner and last time I contacted the owner they were amenable to a visit but I have been too preoccupied to get to Melbourne to see it.
    I will email again and find out what the state of play is.
  4. hmmm. i was at bikefest at WSID earlier this year and remeber seeing something like that....an old drag bike that was a first at something? and it still runs and actually ran the quater mile and ran a respectable time. could this be the same bike? possibly not but thats some interesting history all the same!
  5. Some history that might be of interest..................

    Greece surrended to the Nazis on April 27th, 1941.

    Cheers all.