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some helpful info on cornering

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Filo01, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. found this helpful, take from it what you want.

  2. Who wrote this blurb!?...It's not entirely correct IMHO...
  3. whats wrong with it? i got it from cbr250.com, check the quote from
  4. Re read the whole article, he spelt tyres wrong right through hence the article is not correct.:wink:
    I also don't agree with a few things written there, particularly braking.
  5. I guess that's an opinion, but it's a very wrong one.
  6. No, the rear will squat with application of rear brake - but you don't need to do that if you have decent suspension.

    The whole bike pushing down on the road bit... :? I tuned out.

    Basically the article is your mate at the pub trying to give you their idea of riding technology.

    It's not exactly wrong... just not right enough.
  7. Re: very helpful info on cornering

  8. @raven

    ty, i'm still pretty much a newb when it comes to riding, thought it was a nice artical for other newbs to learn from, i guess i was wrong. But the part about trying not to break while doing corners helped me.

  9. Best you or other newbs to riding check your sources first before posting "safety" advice.
    Posting advice from a 250 forum because it sounds good doesn't mean it is good.
    Posting advice from trained riders or rider trainers imho is a much more reliable source
  10. With all due respect to all the experienced riders out there on netrider. If the info is incorrect, then that is all well and good. But what I find disturbing is the way some are made to feel on here when they do post something not quite right. I felt the wrath when I accidentally posted something incorrect because I was thinking of something else at the time i posted. Apart from correcting my mistake, I was slightly humiliated by someone's reply and it just doesn't feel good.

    I came on here to get a plethora of information, as most of the experienced riders on here can give fantastic info. Just spare a thought for those of us out here who aren't as well versed in it all as you guys. Some of us are still very raw, and being made feel a dill does nothing for our confidence here or out in the real world.

    By all means, point out the wrongs from the rights, thats what we want to know, but the delivery of the message is just as important.
  11. Don't swet it...the reason I took the time to respond at some length (although a bit rushed and quick), was so that the misinformation contained in the advice did'nt get into the heads of newer riders, and mislead them.
    So many newer riders read such things that sound all good, not realizing that it's actually not all good.
    I'm glad you at least posted it...had you not...you could have taken the info in on it's face value...(no fault of yours)...without the benefit of it being explained more correctly.

    Not trying to pass myself off an any expert on the matter either, but in my humble experience I could see there were some fundimental misinterpretations that needed to be explained a bit.
  12. That's a fair enough comment...we all need to talk to each other without making anyone feel like a nitwit...I whole-heartedly agree with that!.
    Not sure if 'my' post made anyone feel like a nitwit, but if it did, then I apologize for that, since it was'nt the intention at all.
    If I came across annoyed - it's because I was, actually...Not because the info was posted, just that the original thread from the other site was'nt all correct, yet seemed to pass itself off as an authoritive message...
    As I said...I'm actually glad it was posted up - now at least, the subject at hand can be properly explained by more experienced heads, and any newer riders that are reading this thread will be better off.
  13. It was just something I had noticed a couple of times in different threads. (not specifically you) I could see you were annoyed, moreso at the info, perhaps not the poster. But it made me think about how we deliver messages. I know the other day someone did make me feel a real dickhead, even if my post was an honest mistake.

    When someone's learning as a lot of us are, it doesn't help to have ya confidence dented. Well I know it doesn't help me anyway. I like to get constructive feedback.

    Anyway, as I said also. The information I have picked up on here so far has been wonderful. We are so lucky to be able to have resources such as this site and the people on it. It sure makes life a lot easier when questions need to be asked and you have no one around you to ask.


  14. Lisa - if you're not sure about something, don't present it as authoritative advice and nobody will jump down your throat. Say "well my understanding (and I'm not sure) is..."

    Please understand that while nobody wants to upset you, the wrong advice taken by a n00ber on a bike forum (of which we have many) can lead to disaster, and should be corrected as quickly and firmly as possible.
  15. My experience was I was blatantly made to look an idiot, and another having a laugh about it too. (and I hadn't presented anything either) But anyway, that was just my feeling on it, which isn't what I really wanted to get across in this thread, just some constructive feedback of my own observations.

    This thread just made me think that perhaps when the messages are given, the deliverer could just have a think before posting. Sometimes there are honest mistakes made. The old "think before you speak" thing comes to mind, that was all. But anyway, i've said it three times now. I think I got that message across. hehehe :cool:

    I myself wouldn't post anything about information on how to ride anyway, ive been riding 10 days. :-# So I certainly wouldn't do that. The only thing's i've been posting about have been my experiences, questions or some "well done's" to those who have done things.
  16. I agree with madness.

    I would have felt like an idiot after being told to check my sources, as i come on Netrider to check my sources???
  17. Lisa - the sad reality is this: welcome to the internet.

    There are some that aren't as community minded as others and they like to make sport of folks for fun.

    It's the unfortunate truth. And it sucks. With internet forums you have to accept some rough and tumble.

    Regarding correcting bad info, I was telling a friend the other day, that I'm more antsy on this forum than others I'm a member of because with so many noobs, bad info can have bad consequences!! Like Loz said, bad info needs to be stomped on firmly.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay. :)

    In this particular case, with the best of intentions, Filo posted something up and gave it the impromada (spelling?) of expert information. Kudos for the intention... No doubt there'll be a little more discretion next time!

    There are some great sites around with real expert info. I like: www.msgroup.org

    (mind you jump onto the msgroup forum and say something dumb and you'll be torn a new proverbial!! Cut and thrust indeed!)
  18. I wasn't having a go at the person i was having a go at his gospel like belief that what was said in one forum was right and that fact that person then questioned it.
    I even gave examples of what reliable sources are.
    If you cant handle that then tough titties.
  19. Eeek. I had a quick look about and read some threads. I think I spewed up into my mouth a little bit. :-#
  20. I dont think he said it was Gospel though? I just thought the replies could have been worded a little gentler considering we were in the New Rider section... Who cares.. I got heaps of info from the thread all the same.