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some help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ksystemz, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. last time i posted was when my battery was flat , 3 weeks later new battery and its dead again, even my little lcd lights and gagets dont work. any ideas

  2. fuse or regulator
  3. ill try the fuses what is a regulator? lol noob me
  4. Regulator is like an alternator which charges your battery while riding.
    If you haven't got an idea take it to a bike shop and get it checked out.
  5. hard to take to bike shop as it wont start at all!
  6. check fuses 1st
  7. yer ill get my brother to come aqround with a multimetre soon and head down somewere to buy some
  8. Actually, the regulator controls the amount of charge delivered to the battery, and is frequently combined with the rectifier, which converts the alternator's AC into DC for the battery.


    Trevor G
  9. Providing the new battery was charged (even riding it for 30 minutes would have gioven it a good charge) it should not go flat unless it is faulty.

    Otherwise, you have something draining the battery while the bike is switched off. You need to take a resistance reading - ohms scale - with the battery not connected and the ignition switched off, between the positive lead which connects to the battery, and ground.

    Anything as high as several hundred ohms will flatten the battery - you will need to isolate/disconnect components until you find the source of the current flow.

    BTW, a fuse won't cause a battery to go flat...


    Trevor G
  10. to this i charged my battery and seems to be working ok. when i got it i just placed the battery in and off i went. i only communte to work takes about 8mins each way and only sometimes ride it on the weekend , could this be the issue the battery needs a good ride
  11. Disconnect the battery and do the "resistance with key off" test mentioned earlier.


    Trevor G
  12. go down to supercheap or similar and buy a hydrometer, it should be fairly cheap (under $10). Let the battery sit over night and measure the acid levels in your battery. These are great to check the life of the battery. But as some one has said whack the multimeter test. Try and get a fused one, whack it on amps,make sure ignition is off, disconnect either lead and place the probe in the circuit. Unless your running a clock or an alarm my assumption is you should read zero.

    I do this on my car to check for any battery drain (modern cars tend to draw more ie clocks, memory's for ecu's etc)
  13. Read the OP. He just bought a new battery, why would he need a hydrometer?

    Also not much good if it is maintenance free.
  14. Ive bought several batteries that are buggered, but i see what you mean about sealed batteries.
    In any case a hydrometer (for the price) is a handy piece of kit.
  15. yer used a multimeter last night, altornator seems fine, its charging, just the battery i thinks
  16. have you tested the charge difference between when the engine run (without lights on) and when is off? and with the multimeter connected ,how many volts difference have you in one or two hours? something sucks the battery charge? the most probably problem i think it's the regulator...i'v changed a lot of this one in the japan bikes...the batteries (if yuasa) have no problems.... :wink: :cool:
  17. every thing was fine wen i charged the battery . test bike off was 12-13 volts or something when it was on 13-14