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Some hard black guy get the crap knocked out of him by a 67 year old vet

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. #1 Ljiljan, Oct 1, 2010
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    It's a pretty widely seen vid, but even if it has been seen before it's worth posting again.

  2. Bored, lilley? :p
  3. How lucky someone was there to film this spontaneous moment.

  4. That is the joy of the mobile generation - everything is on camera
  5. Amber Lamps?
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    procrastinating actually.

    It's just a shame the guy who deserved it didn't cop it.

    this one however is pure gold
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    the old dude? do you mean he deserved it? I dunno - although the black guy probably didn't deserve the beating, he did escalate the situation into violence (after epic beard man removed himself from the confrontation and sat elsewhere). If you're gonna talk tough, you need to be ready for the consequences I reckon.
  8. Kun got what he deserved should have got more. Well done crazy santa.
  9. Sure, the guy responded and struck first, but he certainly didn't start it and keep pushing. Well, as far as the video shows. Other than that we cannot judge. And yes, if your going to swing first be prepared to take it.
  10. Dont try to intimidate, bully and threaten to kick the ship out of someone and cry if they kick the ship out of you. Hell he went to the other side of the bus to avoid him but tupac jus wouldnt give it up and the locals were chanting to beat his white azz. Fark me should have started kneeing him in the head too.
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  12. Would this have got the play it has if both participants had been black, or both white? I doubt it. So basically, people like watching a white man beat a black man? Nice.
  13. Nope plenty of very popular youtube videos of d1ck heads of all colours getting beat up.

    This one is particularly funny as the black people filming were provoking the tough guy to beat up 'pinky' and smash his 'white arse' then claim assualt when it back fired.
  14. EBM started the argument and was in the wrong. I watched some more vids of him on you tube giving an interview and he needs urgent physchological and mental help as he is not all up there.
  15. did you check the vid in my second post?