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some guy just dropped his bike in front of me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by roundabout, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. riding down elizabeth st, wet tram tracks, bike just went out from under him. maybe doing 40k. i couldn't say how or why it happened. strange how quiet the city went, all i could hear was the sickly sound of metal sliding on bitumen. he was ok, bike ended up with a bent clutch lever and a few minor scratches. the car behind only slowed down enough to manouver around him and the bike (must have been in a hurry to get to the next red light)

    be careful out there

  2. Rain + tram tracks == yikes
  3. i hate that little moment as you cross them where there's nothing, just that sliding feeling
  4. Thank God we don't have trams down here, I hate 'em. (but we do have plenty of wet roads so the caution still applies)
  5. done that before - yeah the cars almost run over your corpse, so indignant that you dared to stack while they were trying to get to work.

    Tram tracks are NOT bike friendly at the best of times, let alone the wet. Steer clear of them.

    BTW unless he was a netrider this shouldn't have been posted :LOL:
  6. Its easy enough to do.

    One thing that tends to make it worse is that in the wet the tram drivers usually drop sand in the tracks for more traction. Once this spreads out a bit it makes things just that little bit hairier.
  7. it wasnt matt232 or marty chucking it down the road again ? :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Groberts,

    We are thinking the same thing! :p

  9. Cruel and unkind, grobs (but funny) :p
  10. I learnt from a very young age, riding a bicycle over tram tracks, negotiate them obliquely. Don't mess around or they'll have you.
  11. if it was a GPX it was a guy off oroadsports.com - he's shaken but not hurt.
  12. nah, think it was an er5 (or whatever they are) red bike anyway, naked. sounds very similar though
  13. Bloody tram tracks.

    The one time I was in Melbourne on the bike, I even had trouble working out to ride them in the dry. (i.e. Lane position when they on your lane).
  14. Prolly in the middle, but watch out when you come up to an intersection where there can be oil dropped from cages.
  15. this happened to me today!!!

    a big scooter was turning right onto william street and it slid out from under
    him as he was crossing a big clump of tram tracks. he was going fairly slow and
    he picked it up fine, but still a wierd thing to watch...

    later on, I had just finished telling my pillion about it (at traffic lights), and
    the first tram lines I crossed the back wheel slid across :?
  16. Keep up the good work groberts :LOL:
  17. Can I have your zorst when you hit another 'roo Marty?? ;) :p