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Some Good News

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ksystemz, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Found my motorbike after 5 months of getting stolen, was used in a Robery out in quakers hill. Pitty the guy who was on it as he crashed after a police chase , so now i got 1 broken bike to go look at today, i will come back with pictures

  2. damn i work around that area sometimes, wish i seen him, u didnt have insurance?
  3. whats they go in a situation like this? assuming your bike is stolen, you dont have insurance and then the cops find the guy who stole it and the bike (either whole or in pieces)? Does the thief have to reimburse the owner?
  4. The very fact that the thief was in a burglary would probably indicate lack of cash flow, or lack of funds to repay the debit/damages caused to the bike.

    Unless they go on a payment plan of 20 dollars a week for the next 10 years.
  5. Do you normally talk in the third person? :LOL:

    Good that you found it, bad that it's damaged. Karma for him tho.
  6. I hope his penis was torn off in the accident, and can not be reattached.
  7. lets hope it was a fatal to clean the gene pool a little and save tax payers money.
    sorry to hear the bike was damaged though.
  8. Ok went and saw bike and got some info of the officer, the guy who had the bike unfort was "really" injured in the police chase , he used the bike for committing roberies and stalking and raping people "his get around vechical"

    To the bike , he pretty much ruined the whole thing. He made it look like a kids bike buy spray painting it and using electric tape to make it look "kool" , btw my rims where chrome also, ha



    I had insurance and have been paid out, im not sure what happends from here at all
  9. Your insurance company owns the wreck.

    Their problem now!
  10. Find out which hospital he's in....


    (If only! :( )
  11. I really hope his dick gets ripped off and eaten by a pitbull. im starting to come round to hornet's thinking that there is no place on this planet for rapists and like. except for under a landslide.
  12. Sorry to hear about the bike man. But while we're talking about it... score me that read brake canister and I'll be your best buddy ol pal :D.
  13. Lets all beat the fcuker to an inch of his life :twisted:
    Seriously, be thankful you had insurance...
  14. +1

    Clearly hornet is a smart man! fuuucking rapists should be de-balled and hung.
  15. i think it was on the news last night actually, my bike is a little famous
  16. Didn't u mean 1st person?
  17. I've read Matti's post 4 times and I can't for the life of me see where he is speaking in the third person :?

    Matti, sad for the loss of the machine, mate, and in a way it would have been better if you HADN'T seen what became of it, but you were insured, a lesson for us all :).
  18. normally i feel a twinge of conscience when i laugh at people hurting themselves

    but today i only feel...HAPPY
  19. -KSystem was talking about the thief
    -Sooty joked he was instead talking about himself
    -Wade and Hornet missed the sarcasm in Sooty's post
    -Loki clears up confusion, in the third person.
  20. WTF? thats bad stuff right there. Hey, he certainly did a good job of making it look real ugly. He wont get a job on "overhaulin" anytime soon.
    Best he gets a good a$#@ f*&^#$% in jail now.