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Some good Christmas stories, please :)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. While our mainstream media seems besotted with the miserable this Christmas (Copehangen failed, sniff sniff, Tiger Woods, etc) I thought it would be nice to post up some joyous stuff surrounding the <ahem> Holiday Season. Good things are all around, so share the joy.

    The other day in the supermarket I was paying in cash a bill that was some dollars and 20c. As I scrabbled in my pocket among the junk I always carry, the lady behind me in the queue said, "20c? here", and handed the coin over to the checkout person! I wished her a Happy Christmas and took my groceries to the car with a big grin on my face.
  2. This story is about a month old, but definitely falls into the category you are seeking. I had to go to the supermarket to buy some sugar at about closing time. I arrive at the shopping centre just as the guard is locking the doors. He then unlocks them and sais I think you may have missed them but there is an other supermarket at the other end of the shopping centre. I say thanks and head off to the supermarket, which was just pulling down its shutters as I arrive. Once again I get some friendly advice on the location of the other supermarket. I head up to the other supermarket, and grab the sugar. I find only one checkout open, and a fairly noticeable line. So I line up with everyone else. While we wait, a second checkout opens beside the one we are lined up at, so the people in front of me and I both move over, me just a little ahead of them. As I see them move I step back a little and gesture for them to go in front with there trolley. They look at me with my one bag of sugar, and say “No you go first”. After a few rounds of over polite deference I eventually go first, thanking them.
    So there were three people in one evening being exceptionally polite and cheery. I love when my view of humanity is so thoroughly undermined like that.
  3. Yesterday a man gave me a bag of Christmas rum ball things for helping him jump start his car in the city.

    Gave me warm fuzzies inside.

  4. a friend drove a few of us to the movies to see avatar. unfortunately for him, he had somehow managed to get his license stolen, but not his wallet. no idea why he didnt mention this when he offered to drive. anyway, murphy conspired and we got flagged into an rbt.

    Cop played it hard but fairly, told him that if he is lying, he will get charged for every offence under the sun and this is his chance to tell the truth. He could see the kid was telling the truth and let us go without incident, didnt even check in the system to see if he really did have a license.

    Thanks mate, it's guys like you that help restore trust and respect to the police, something they shouldnt have to earn in the first place.:-s
  5. This is not personal, but the media coverage of the little co joined twins and subsequent recovery / discharge from hospital has warmed my heart......

    The medical profession can hold their heads up high, and the legal guardian is a very special individual as well =D&gt;
  6. Paul - you stole 20c from a stranger? Not very Xmassy! :)

    Mrs Samurai and I went to the pub for dinner last night, before the madness begins. We got there are 8.10 and were told the kitchen had closed at 8. Seeing my crestfallen look, the bargirl told me to hang on. She came back a few minutes later with a menu and said, "Go ahead, we'll fire it up again for you as they haven't finished cleaning yet." We both got a meal.
  7. my wife told me she is pregenant.. nuff said there
  8. thats awesome man. hope it goes well.
  9. 21 (+11) years ago I was born - true story!
  10. Got the BEST handie from my ex.
  11. "The powers that be" have graciously allowed me to spend Christmas with my family, for the first time in 12 years.

    No fighting or anything, and for once i was glad to be home. :angel:

    So happy :beer::beer::biker:
  12. Just a small one; on the way to the Toy Run, ducked into a servo and there is a rider in front of me all decked out in tinsel. At the cash register...
    Attendant: "Toy Run?"
    Rider: "Yep".
    Attendant: "No charge."

    (BTW, Congratulations Ksystemz!)
  13. Yeah, Matti, hearty congratulations, mate, that's great news :woot:

    Nice Toy Run story, titus (y).
  14. Ksystemz, Quarterwit and Titus, it truly is the season to be happy, in all respects.