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Some good advice on tailgaters

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jekyll, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. Very good and sensible advice there
  2. Yeah, can't fault the advice there. (Not much of a discussion so far, is it? ;)

    I think the best 'take home' advice there is how to defuse a tailgating situation (ie: Let them through) - The scariest moments I've had in a car with someone else driving have been when my driver has been "teaching them a lesson" instead of just letting the person through.

    Especially the time that this escalation in tensions resulted in the other driver trying to ram us off the road repeatedly.
  3. Yeah that's great...reward their behaviour with what they want. Basic training of any animal says this is NOT the way to go.....

    Personally, I find a few "crazy Ivans" gets ANYONE to back off.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Sometimes, sure.

    And sometimes they overtake you and then quite intentionally try to run you off the road to "teach YOU a lesson", as I had the displeasure of experiencing from the passenger seat.

    I'll stick to letting them through, if they want to travel faster than me. I'd only expect other drivers in the righthand lane to do the same when I am travelling faster than they are.
  5. Who said anything about right hand lane?
    I am fed up with tossers thinking they own the road, and people rewarding their bullying. If I am on a single lane road and travellint at or above the speed limit, and you want to tailgate me instead of passing, you will get what you deserve.
    Interestingly enough, when people think they want to up the ante and I pull the car over, they run and hide, because the type of person who uses a car to intimidate is a gutless wonder and will not get out of the car. This is ESPECIALLY true of 4wd owners, always full of hot air and abuse, but wil never get out of the car.
    Anyway, you guys keep on rewarding the behaviour and it won't go away.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. *nods* Yeah, single-lane's a different case entirely, though I rarely encounter tailgaters in that situation. I usually just ignore 'em if they aren't going to pass.
  7. sorry but i disagree, having come very close to being assaulted twice, and had numerous cars drive at me with the intention to ram me, i think ill just pull up very quickly behind a parked car or break through the traffic and split to get away depending on the situation. the amount of people who get assualted in road rage incidences is alarming. dont you remember what happened to ihaveduff earlier this year?
    i think reacting to em is rewarding their behaviour anyway, smiling and waving you pinkie at em (like the RTA add says you should :p ) while they'll drive all the way to their destination in a huff is exactly what'll torment 'em. no flames andrew :) i know what you're saying, but after a couple of really fcuken dangerous positions i put myself in by holding my ground, i decided it just wasnt worth it. :)

  8. I think letting them through / the other advice given is the best short-term strategy for your own safety.

    While long-term, if everyone does this, they might be rewarded for their behaviour, it's foolish to think your "teaching them a lesson" is going to work, and it's also putting yourself at risk - as idontlikemonday has said, speaking from experience. They're not going to learn anyway.

    Especially on a bike. If you own a shitty old car by all means brake suddenly on the f#ckers ...

    Methinks any kind of aggression / anger is bad for your health on a bike, even if it's in response to someone else's stupidity.
  9. What about the tool that tailgates you when you are the 2nd, 3rd etc vehicle behind a knob doing 80kmh on the Fwy. What is tailgating me going to achieve? I HATE these people! Teach them a lesson, damn right, they get boxed in first chance I get, or in days gone by I have been known to yank on the handbrake briefly, leaving skidmarks and smoke, and usually skidmarks in the tailgaters pants. F#$king HATE tailgaters! :evil:
  10. Yeah, some days I really would *love* to have a sh#tbox old XB Falcon or something similarly massive, concrete in the doors. *That's* the machine in which to teach tailgaters (and t-boners and non-indicators and non-shoulder-checkers) a lesson. You don't even do anything illegal, just hold your line - or maybe now and then get 'startled by a roo beside the road' and have to brake heavily. But on the bike, my motto is always gonna be 'GT foot' - 'Get the f^&$ out of there'.
  11. Andrew, take your generalisations, and shove them fair and square up your arse. :evil:

    People like you whinge when bikes are generalised against, then go and take the holier than thou attitude when it's someone else. :roll:
  12. If people would go the speed limit they wouldn't be tailgated.

    In the last 2 years, I've noticed people travel 10 - 20k's....below the speed limit. That's right, below...

    Why should I put up with the person in the right hand lane doing 50ks on an 80kmh road. Why is he/she going so slow? is it scary to speed up? if so, they shouldn't be driving.

    If they like going slow because they "arn't in a hurry" then get in the left lane and stay there.

    I like doing the limit set on the road. Rain, fog, differen't story. But nice sunny, clear, day there's no excuse.

    The road toll here in melbourne has not dropped despite the increase in driver suspensions (since the 3kmh rule came into place), and the lower average speed everyone is doing.
  13. Tell you what, get your redneck 4WD club mates to stop acting like wankers, and I'll stop generalising.
    It's not a generalisation when the majority act this way, sorry if you are not the majority.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. :roll:

    Let me try something here...

    Tell you what, get your organ-donor motorcycle club mates to stop acting like wankers, and I'll stop generalising.
    It's not a generalisation when the majority act this way, sorry if you are not the majority.

    :wink: Is picking on the soccer mums getting too easy for you, so you're attacking all 4x4 owners now? :roll:

    Who lit the fuse on your tampon anyway?

    Edit: and just to throw a spanner at your argument, out of the 30 odd redneck 4WD club mates of mine, 22 of them are riders too. :cool:
  15. Manya - the posted link contained excellent, thoughtful suggestions about how to give those people the hint without the danger to you, them and everyone else on the road that you cause when you tailgate.
  16. I hate letting anyone who has been tailgating me over take...i generally play with them to let them know im pissed off (brake test, speed up, etc) most cases people will catch the drift and stop, but i have had a middle age lady pull along side me and violently swung her car into me, to which i very quickly had to move to the wrong side of the road with on coming cars approaching, she even screamed out do you want to die today. seeing i shit myself, i was not thinking too much about revenge, rather then just how do i save myself. though till this day i still recall the number plate, if i ever see her on the road again, it will be on for young and old...though she doesnt live in my neck of the woods (found out what suburb she lives in off the police) so doubt i will ever see her again.

    so if you are going to be a smart ass to them, just make sure you understand, some people shoot first and ask questions later.
  17. Yeah, really? Coz I only just started driving yesterday, and I've never seen anything like this before :roll:

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Can't say I have ever had a problem with truck drivers or "real" Four Wheel drivers. Although I have had a couple of run in's with those boutique 4X4 drivers ( Rav4 types ) who think they can take anything on and get away with it.

    As far as tailgating is concerned, I simply get out of the way. If that means accelerating ( and this is a bike forum so I assume most of you can do that ) then so be it.