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Some geeks don't deserve the name...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by FALCON-LORD, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. There are some computer geeks that seriosly should get there arse kicked.

    I was looking around at the health of some servers (That I am not responsible for) and found some HDD's that needed a little bit of attention. and then there was this one.

    Now note this is an environment that our business is relient on, not just a mp3 collection.
  2. Whoa red!

    Someone's been downloading Communism.
  3. You will find the MP3 collection is better looked after. Now that is business critical!

    This disk cannot be defragmented due to the extreme lack of space. The lack of space should be your biggest concern, not the fragmentation. With that little free space, there is severe performance drop off among other issues.

    From experience, sometimes the request from the IT guys to the users to delete or remove data is never responded to. As contiguous free space dries up, the OS just starts placing data wherever it can. The fragmentation progressively gets worse leading in itself to a degradation in performance.
  4. The red is the blood of all those poor ripped apart files...damn you fragmentation!!!
  5. Just lob a fragmentation grenade at it
  6. Yep, I know this is my point, they have let it get this clogged and this fragged, and someone from an other team has had to point it out to them.
    I love working with my Indian workmates... they are all so proactivly efficient... NOT!
  7. That's no geek looking after that drive FL, it's just someone working as a techy. Give me a geek anytime. I love geeks. I used to struggle with support from non-geek techies all the time. They just don't care or understand. :roll:

    Oh, I'm a geek and proud of it. :grin:
  8. Someone is just adding disks though...so someone must know that the system is getting full. What raid system is being used? or are you using single disk systems?

    Leave geographic location out of it though. Lack of proactive maintenance is not limited to any one country.
  9. Nahh those are the raid aray that was put in the machine at commision. the other disks are also rooted, that is just the worst of them.

    As for the location issue...
    You are correct, we have some great guys from india working here, but they are fiew and far between. I don't believe it is entirly to do with there origion (Though Indian culture does lead to some issues) but more to do with the fact that india is emerging in the IT space, so there are lots of people getting into it without any real interest in teh field, with insuficient exposure and training, and without an established set of standards (Which we have built up over the last 20 years of IT industry). So a lot of the indian staff are unskilled cowboys like most of IT here was 15 years ago.
    As time goes on they will improve and there cost will go up. then China will step in. Now unlike the indians the chianies know a thing or two about quality (They don't often excersise it but they understand it better) and when china comes up to speed i think they will change the face of IT in a way that the Indians can only dream.
  10. NERDS!

    Regards, Andrew
  11. One thing I hate doing is feeding peoples egos. But as usual, gold!

    Some IT person needs to learn about server management, or should have their ass kicked for not doing their job!

    Fortunately though, it appears that it's probably a file server, and swap files & read/write to the full drives should cause any major performance issues. Apart from the obvious one which is you can't write to the full drives.

    Also if they're running in RAID why is the free space varying so much? What RAID level is it? Actually I don't care, just being a nerd
  12. It's actually a DB Server and RAID doesn't automatically mean dynamically changeable partitions

    Trust me, as a geek of considerable experience, there is nothing about this that is even the slightest bit redeemable. O.K. It could be a partition holding the Active directory DB, that could be worse.

    As for the raid level, it is a 4 disk hardware RAID 5 set with a Pair of raid 1 disks as the boot drive not that the multiple partitions tell you that (At least that is our SOE, and without going in to the server room and downing the box I can only assume it meets that.
  13. your business use w1nb10w$ for db servers? :rofl:
  14. ktulu - i have a job for you, roadwork comic relief. can you start on tuesday?
  15. Wow, that's as severe as any I've seen, if it's a DB server I guess it's the logs drive that we're looking at then?

    All of the RAID systems I deal with don't show up as mutliple drives in disk manager, they're just presented to DM as one drive and managed in ServerRaid software etc. Those look to be very small RAID partitions, or is it just an old server with small drives?

    Just by looking at it it 'appears' to be a mirrored boot with additional three (non-RAID) single disks in it? If it's a four disk data set, could it be just the three disk's havent been RAID'ed and you have a hot spare?
    Also appears to be a pretty strange disk config for a DB server too?

    Likewise, I'm just being a nerd too, and blabberin on. It sure looks like someone has got their work cut out for them to get this all sorted out!


  16. That's one fragged partition!

    Of course it could be on a PC that some user has gone crazy on the usage, and the tech has not done any work on it for a while because the user has not reported any probs. But yeah, if ever there was a partition that needed a defrag, that's sure is it!!!

    Not that MY user's partitions ever get that bad ;-P