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Some fuel for the Mexicans

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by gegvasco, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Was going through the yearly process of getting bike insurance quotes today. When I got a really expensive quote(think it was GIO) the chick who gave it became very talkative about why it was so high. She said that although I have a rating 1 they can only give me 20% no claim bonus because I live in NSW. Wheras if I was in Victoria I would get full no claim bonus. WTF? She said it was because their crash figures for NSW were so much worse than for VIC that they needed to bump up the premiums(by 40%) to cover it. If it was between Sydney and Adelaide I could understand but NSW vs VIC?

  2. PMSL! :p
    Perhaps you should count all the locations of the 'rider down' threads on Netrider and give them the statistics.
  3. GIO do not want to insure your bike or car unless you are over 50 and have your house insurance with them as well.

    They are simply so far over-priced on it deliberately so that you will not insure with them.

    They wanted over $6000 to insure my DIESEL [it's not even friggin' turbo! slowest thing on the road] Hilux for a market value of $19,000.

    "Will you be going ahead with that policy, sir?
    "Roffle waffles bizzles!" *click beep beep beep...*

    I insure with AAMI because they do flexi-premiums. IE your premium is HALVED but your excess is bumped up. I worked out that even if I crash and make a claim, it's still cheaper to go with AAMI than NRMA.
  4. Probably their crash figures only included those who claimed on their insurance and those without insurance were excluded.
  5. LAMS have anything to do with that?

  6. what part of 'you new south wales riders are shit' don't you understand? :grin:
  7. I guess if south of the border is 'Mexian', North of the border must be 'American' and north again 'canadian'
    I think i prefer the tequila state :grin: :grin: :grin:
  8. ha ha, good one!

    GIO do discounts for woman because the stats show that when it comes to horrific, avoidable, born from impatience, stupidity or recklessness, motor vehicle accidents, its 99% men.

    i'm a dame and your a fella,

    stanly stop or i'll tell stella!

    you're not all like that but you have to pay the price for those who are representing your gender. i would be so pissed off if i were a guy.
  9. Yeah yeah thats because NSW riders go harder. Even Rossi comes off now and then when he's pushin it.

  10. As a percentage of kilometres driven each year men faaaaaaaar outweigh women, ergo more likelyhood of males beingin an accident. Also we have a little thing called testosterone. Makes us do stupid things sometimes (eg. get married). As for those "tee hee...was on my phone, putting on lippy, drinking coffee, trying to find Vega FM, laughing at my friend, perving on a boi (sic), and didnt see you!" moments, you can count on it being a girl. Look at the stats for you stereotypical shopping carpark accident and males will be under represented. I know I'd rather take myself out out after a "hey guys, watch this" moment that be cursed with a life of reversing into bollards and nose to tailing people casue I was too stupid to watch where I was going.
  11. And the accidents involving putting on lippy, touching up the face putty(make-up),searching through the handbag and texting your girlfriends are 99% women :p :LOL:
  12. I've been with GIO for my 2 cars for a couple of years, always very competitive. I rang them to get insurance for my bike, because I'm on my L's I get the worst rating and they wanted about $2500 a year fully comp.

    RACV on the other hand, accepted that I'd been driving on the roads for X years, and gave me full rating 1, protection of rating 1 and less than $300 a year fully comp.

    I get the impression GIO don't really want to insure bikes, they certainly don't advertise it.
  13. Gee, I wonder who it is who makes us impatient, stupid and reckless? :?
    (Couldn't possibly be chicks, could it? :p )
  14. From what I hear, bike theft is a massive problem in NSW as well, but it's not such an issue here.