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Some final destination action

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by 2000VTR250, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Last night I was u turning in front of a shopping centre, woman in a car with a 180 degree view of the road starts to pull out when I moved to the extreme left, claims she didnt see me???

    This morning riding in a 60 zone on a road with 2 lanes both ways the car to my left and behind starts to merge into my lane!!! Didnt see how the hell did she manage that, Im on a white bike doing 60!

    Turning off Yarra blvd in Sth Yarra on a green light, had the lean as the corner swings frm the tennis club to the right towards Chapel, some idiot from Tassie drives straight through a red light! Im just lucky that he was far enough up the road for me to get past before he ran the red.

    And people have the gall to ask hy riders exceed the limit to get away from these tools!
  2. or why they speed up rather than brake.

    few questions about your post.

    Why were you on the extreme left if you could see someone who might pull out? a) it doesnt leave you with any buffer if she does, and b) its much easier to see you if you're in the middle of the road rather than on the gutter.

    Why were you doing a u-turn in front of a shopping centre? Surely it would be wiser to take the extra 2 min (or less) to find a safer spot?

    Also, are you going to give us a detailed account of every incident that occurs to you on the road?
  3. Sorry, I'm new and all, but isn't the rule -> U-Turn gives way all?

    See below:


  4. Good point, it was because I live 2 doors down from the shopping cntr.
    Cant be assed going the long way. Nope, I drive 25km to work and these incidents involved less than 1 km[-(

  5. Fair q. once my u turn was complete, I was then travelling on a road and she was faving a stop sign to be more accurate. The point is that my u turn was not far away, no traffic, should have been seen
  6. Dont fret.
    Twice today I was within 1" of being owned big time.

    Effort 1: "Give way"............................ (ie: BUS)
    I guess really this was my fault for not watching that buffer space, nor giving way as required, but the least the bus could do is indicate its intention to cut off a steady stream of traffic first, much less stick its nose out with no warning right into the spot where i was (before i desperately swerved right...). Hell, even the sign on the back of the bus shows the indicator is "flashing". It wasnt...

    Effort 2: "Do not overtake indicating vehicle"...................... (ie: TRUCK)
    Sure, but please... indicate the f**king direction you intend to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His indicator was flashing left, he went right. Before you say he was a big truck and using both lanes to safely work his way around the corner... my ass is bigger then his truck was...

    edit: Knew i should have stayed in bed.
  7. I know, Im just waiting for the day I get knocked off, it will be doing the speed limit in traffic guaranteed.

    Whoever does it will be in for a whooping when they get out of their car
  8. Got to work today incident free lol!
  9. VTR do you talk about bashing people in every post? lol...
  10. Thats the spirit!