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WA Some Figures on Shunts

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by PatB, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Somewhat topically, given recent discussion on other threads, I saw this in today's Worst.

    If the RAC deal with 66,000 claims annually (I assume this is a nationwide figure but the article doesn't make it clear) and over 30% of those represent a shunt of some form, that makes 22,000 opportunities annually for a rider to be on the receiving end of a life threatening crash. Because, on a bike, any shunt is potentially life threatening. Don't kid yourself otherwise.

    That's just one insurer. If anyone has any info on relative market share of the big companies, it should be possible to extrapolate that to give a rough total for the number of shunts occuring across the country every year.

    Then tell me it's unlikely that a rider sitting in traffic isn't under significant threat of being hit from behind.

    Edit: Rereading the article and taking the information in context, I'm starting to think that 66,000 figure might be for WA alone. If that's the case and we assume that the crash rate is similar across all states (it's not, but this is a very rough thought experiment so bear with me), we get nearer 220,000 shunts nationally per annum. Even allowing for the staggeringly crude, rough order of magnitude nature of my arithmetic, that is a number which should be of concern to anyone who rides a motorcycle and occasionally finds themselves on the end of a queue or in a rapidly slowing traffic situation.

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  2. ^^ This is why being at the back of a queue is so dangerous for a motorcyclist. I hate being stuck here, but am not always as quick as others to filter b/c I'm still somewhat new at it. And you can be sure that if I don't filter, I'm keeping 1.5 eyes rearward and planning my escape route!
  3. Timely and excellent post Pat!!
  4. I also note in the article that the portion of accidents that are rear end shunts has gone up from 31% to 37% in nine months. Texting? Facebook updates? Distracted drivers don't die. Distracted drivers kill.
  5. Have they introduced or increased red-light cameras in WA?
  6. Not for a couple of years AFAIK. We've had red light cams for decades (well, at least a decade and a bit) and I haven't noticed any new ones. A few combined speed/red light cameras went in a couple of years ago but nothing since. I'd have expected the effect to have washed through the system by now.

    In addition, whilst my observations are entirely anecdotal, most of the shunts which I see happen, not at the front of the line as you would expect as a result of people hitting the anchors when the light goes red, but a dozen or more cars back in the line, often when the car that gets hit has been stationary for some time when the impact occurs.

    I was right behind one a few weeks ago. I was waiting at a right-turn arrow with two cars between me and the light. After sitting for some time, the car (15 yo Jeep wagon) immediately in front of me rolled sharply forward and hit the front car (newish Commodore) with a most satisfying crunch of fragile things. I hadn't been watching the driver of the Jeep (too busy scanning my other surroundings) leading up to it, but I can only assume she was busy doing something other than concentrating on driving and took her foot off the brake. Quite glad I wasn't the meat in the sandwich.
  7. The TAC was on "The Project" last night saying that the new radar technology that does braking automatically will save lives, so they obviously recognise this as a risk.

    So TAC just go ahead and make splitting legal already you recognise the risk, it will save you dollars. (that should get their attention)the rest of the states can follow the sensible lead.
  8. Just not as many dollars if all motorcyclists sold (or better yet, crushed) their bikes and bought cars with ABS, ESC & 9 air bags...
  9. ...but that would end up costing the community and the environment a butt load more dollars in wear and tear, new road infrastructure and pollution.

    It hurts me how obvious this all is, yet the powers and authorities that be just don't see it.
  10. Most definitely so Pat.

  11. Not TAC's problem.

    The amount of duck shoving that goes on between government departments and QUANGOs is staggering and removes all hope of any kind of joined up governance. Basically, if a cost can be pushed off your budget and onto someone else's you do. It doesn't matter in the slightest if the net cost to the taxpayer goes up, just as long as the cost to your department goes down.
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  12. And it really is lucky for us that government is not cohesive, could you imagine the level of 'governance' we would be saddled with if these arseholes could organize a root in a brothel?
  13. The Federal Member of where I live can organise a root in a brothel.....the proof is on his credit card statements!
  14. I think that's the problem! The pollies are all spending too much time in brothels, instead of working out sensible policies!
  15. That just proves he can pay someone else to organize a root in a brothel, anyhow I was talking about government not politics.