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Some F4i pics

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by N*A*M, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. :D

  2. looks nice....good job mate
  3. Now just dont get another canary! dam that looks the bomb :cool:
  4. yea real sweet lookn-- now i gotta get mine to look that nice!!!
  5. Looking fine :)

    Need to shorten that exhaust though to get the full stunter look :cool:
  6. i already have a shorty but i only use it for shows and comps
    sounds sweet but makes me an obvious target on the road :wink:
  7. Hahaha, and your crash bars on the side dont either???

    Aweosme looking stunt machine!
  8. Now thats a sprocket :shock: 1-3rd gear on the road in 3secs :LOL: . Great looking bike well done. :grin:
  9. Hey NAM when we gonna go for a ride?
  10. pming...
  11. Hey Nam, nice f4i. i checked out your teamfuf.com site. not bad! :)

    if you dont mind me asking, for a stock bike with maybe 520conv -1 on the front. out of a gsxr600 k4-5 or a 600rr 03-05 which would be better suited for a few wheelies/amatuer stunts.. needing a new bike soon ;)
  12. the 600rr is a stunt weapon for sure. it is very solid and will take to wheelies like a duck to water. you don't need a 12 bar - the stock muffler will take scraping all day. :)

    however, the gixxer has better suspension and brakes. but the gixxer frames will crack and break over time - guaranteed. and the gixxer subframe is weak. loop a wheelie and you will be needing to straighten and reweld. also the gixxers will need an oil pickup modification or they will starve in wheelies and you will spin your big end bearings.

    for long term durability my pick would be the 600rr. the 600rr also has plenty of stunt aftermarket support (crash cages, 12 bars, handbrakes, gearing, etc...). don't worry about the chain and sprockets. stock will be fine to learn with. both bikes have more than enough power to do wheelies.
  13. Thanks for info mate :)

    i'd been using my 01 r6 up until xmas when the bike was written off.

    how about the 03+ r6s. there pretty cheap. (dont want a really expensive bike because.. you know :D )

    Would PM you but i cant yet. not enough posts! :)
  14. Looks F8*kin grouse NAM! Well done :cool:

    How's Troys ZX6 going after the stack? i haven't seen him since I've been laid up :cry:
  15. if you want to do stunt riding seriously, and a 600rr is too pricey, i would get an f4i or a 929/954. i wouldn't bother with anything else. you will spend more time fixing then riding. get a repairable write off from the auctions and rock that.

    doug... troys ninja is all good again. motoart worked it over and now it looks like a purple marble bowling ball. :cool:
  16. Didn't you know? The F4i is a sports tourer, not a stunt bike. :bolt:
    Ah, how I miss ORoads, NOT!
  17. How come you left the lower fairings on?
  18. haha yes i lurked on oroads for a while :D

    i have no idea why honda put so much bracing in the frame of such an underpowered bike... but they ended up building a rock solid tank.

    the side fairings are back on because i was bored of the fully naked look. but i didn't want to go back to full fairing. the upper fairing is restrictive and the headlight is heavy. it cracks the fairing with the repeated landings. the bike is getting a flash paint job soon so i also needed to cut the fairings to suit the cage before going for paint.
  19. how do the 98/99 600 ninja's go with repeated wheelies? Seems to be a few cheap examples around.. any recurring probs with frame strength etc in the biz?