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Some drivers need to be removed from society

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Scorpious31, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. I wonder most days why some people have drivers licences.
    Today was one of them.I also work on the road a lot an spend heaps of time watching/observing stupidity.

    Whilst riding home from work and filtering to the front of the lights in the left hand side of the right hand lane to get in front of a truck and along side a ute that's in the left hand lane.

    Lights change to green and I am off,this w*%$ker in the left hand lane takes off and after approx 100mtrs decides to cut right across me in the right hand lane forcing me to slow down at a rapid rate'only to then move back to his original position in the left hand lane after about 250 mtrs and slow down with no traffic or side roads to go to or overtake as there wasn't any.

    Always just staying ahead of me even when I slowed because of his unpredicatable driving and he slowing too.I decided to take the next side road and a longer ride home along the coast keeping myself alive just a bit longer and a more relaxed ride to boot.

    I cant wait till I get unrestricted and a more powerful bike. First lesson this Saturday. woohoo

    These tossers need to be taken off the roads me thinks.

    Anyone else have a bit of a whinge about these d*@kheads ?
  2. Yeah dude, people steriotype me (18, male, 'sports car) as a clown who drives too fast.

    The fact of the matter is, just because im young doesn't mean im stupid. I see so many dumbasses everyday, driving 20km's over the speed limit just to get one spot ahead in a ending lane.....sigh

    Also, I've got a big problem with elderly drivers who seem like they wouldn't have the reflexes to stop before hitting something (a child running to get a ball for example...). I beleive they should be tested every two years or so, to keep my family safe.
  3. Agreed!

    Being on my L's and only having ridden for about 4 weeks, I stick to all posted speed limits as well as my 80km/h speed limit while on the freeway.

    Over the past two weeks I have witnessed 3 separate occasions where cars have come so close to taking each other out just to get past me.

    I'll explain. On quite a few of the roads I commute on, there are 3 lanes. And all of which are a maximum of 80km/h except for short stint on the F6 which is limited to 90km/h. And most of the time i'll stick to the middle lane to keep my options open.

    In a posted 80km/h speed limit i'll be doing spot-on 80km/h. Every single car flies past me like i'm an old granny in a Volvo doing 20km/h under.
    3 times now while i've been in the middle lane cars will overtake me from both the left and right hand lanes at the same time, then quickly merge in to the middle lane just ahead of me without thinking.
    You can imagine what happens next.
    By the time they're 1/2 way in to the middle lane only metres ahead of me they actually decide to look where they're going, see that another car is merging straight in to them, then swerve back at the last second.
    It's utterly ridiculous!

    I think of it like the 'Commuting GP'.
    Everyone's in a race to get to work, or get home.
    I mean FFS! I know it takes me longer riding to work in the morning because of traffic, so I leave a bit earlier. Is it really that FRIGGIN' hard?!?!?!

    I just wish people would have more patience instead of feeling the need to rush everywhere.
    I swear they must all be cursing at me for DOING THE SPEED LIMIT

  4. Rider said: Some drivers need to be taken off the roads. :mad:
    Driver said: Some riders need to be taken off the roads. :mad:
  5. Your asking for dramas dude, forget the speed limit and judge the flow of traffic and adjust your riding to suit, no use being on the limit and getting killed, if they are all rushing past you then your just an obstacle for cages to hit, forget being right – stay alive, don’t think 80 in an 80 zone – think road craft, get ahead of the pack and stay there, or stay behind, don’t travel with them, they zone out and will merge into you & cut you off.
  6. Is that so?... I think I better change my attitude of riding.. I usually do 10kays more than the speed limit so that cagers don't have excuses to accuse me for sticking to the speed limit and cutting me off.. :LOL:

    Some people are just stupid.. I was in a similiar situation where this guy overtook me on the right and force his way in only to find out he was to turn left less than 20 metres at the lights.. Sigh!
  7. This reminds me of one of my "early day" posts. :roll:

    When I first got my Ls and out on the road, everyone and everything was out to get me.
    I know there are instances where cars, or bikes, or trucks or whatever, do behave erratically, but in time your ability to read the traffic (as DuHast said)
    will improve and these incidents will be less likely to aggravate you.
  8. huntersdad: good on you. I do think though that keeping to the left would probably be a better idea, though.
  9. I considered doing that, but there are a lot of side street entries that cars come out of without doing a whole lot of looking beforehand. Just the other week there was a rider killed in this area when a car came in from a side street and didn't see him.
    I'd rather that they see me going slow and avoid me or overtake me than not see me at all.

    I'm not bothered at all by holding up traffic and have people overtake me. It means they've seen me. I reckon that's far more important.
  10. Agreed, and not at all necessary. But this is a direct result of having a system where there is no lane discipline, as much as it is about people speeding. It wouldn't happen if people were in the habit of only passing on the right (as well as always staying on the left as much as possible). The NSW freeway system simply doesn't allow you to do that, however. It isn't built that way.
    Also, imagine the same situation where you are doing (your L plate NSW legal max of) 80, but in a 100 zone. Same result, but nobody was breaking the law! This is as much the result of a stupid and dangerous law as it is stupid and dangerous driving. Sometimes our engineered driving environment actually has a tendency to create the problems.
  11. I was having a rant about this the other day. Am I the only one in this country that understand the concept of "keep left unless overtaking"?? I've seen it actually happen once or twice on the freeway, and it was the most graceful thing I've seen. If someones slowing you, you go right to the 'faster lane' overtake them then move back into the left lane. If you're not going fatser that the guys in the lane to the left you, join them. DON'T sit in the right or middle lane and block the people who want to go a little quicker.

    Example, last weekend heading south on the F3 there comes a bit where the limit drops form 110 to 90, and these three d1ckheads all decide to do exactly 90 three lane accross and not let anyone go past.

    KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING!!! it's not hard.

    Rant over... (for now.)
  12. None of them were breaking the law. It's annoying, but if they're doing the speed limit, there's nothing wrong with it.
  13. Yeah, it's not illegal, but it's inconsiderate... Going beyond what's required to what's polite makes for a smoother running society.
  14. Hole in one. Sad there's so many inconsiderate A-wipes around.
  15. Don't you understand that you are labelled a terrible person if you speed and twice as much if your on a bike.

    I want to take this time to rant at those who insist on doing 15 k's under the speed limit especially past speed cameras. Don't they know that there is also such thing as travelling illegally to slow. oh well, I'll just burst up the old pac and clear my mind. :)
  16. Yeah, LPC, you're right, but it's only if it's dangerous (ie 40 on a 110 highway or similar).

    I agree, it's freaking annoying when people go "OMG, Police, slow down!!!" and hit the brakes.
  17. Couldn't agree more, and here in WA is even the law. You must not be in the right lane unless overtaking, or if turning right, be in the right lane more than two kilometers before the turn. Problem is, it's simply not enforced as far as I can see.
  18. Thankyou sonja, at least I know I'm not going crazy.
  19. Ummm....

    Yes they were breaking the law. Those big "Keep left unless overtaking" signs at the start of the freeway aren't there for aesthetics...

    But I get your point, a little consideration for other road users goes a long way. And that goes for riders and cagers alike.

    Edit: just in case, I got that quote from - www.legislation.nsw.gov.au :)
  20. That is where I use my 4WD for good and evil at the same time.