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Some drivers attitudes leave me astounded

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Check out this knob's letter in the Herald Sun today, it reads......

    WHEN is the motorist going to be given a fair go?

    I was recently driving along St Kilda Rd when I noticed a sign saying "Motorists beware of pedestrians".

    Then on the radio traffic report we were told to "look out for motorcyclists". I can assure you all I do this all the time, particularly on freeways, and this is for my safety more than theirs as they weave in and out of the lanes far too close to most motor vehicles.

    It is way past time to have a media push for pedestrians and motorcyclists to start taking responsibility for their own safety.

    This has literally left me lost for words.

  2. It's all in your perspective...
    He doesn't have any!
  3. Bahahaha. His safety. Probably drives a 4WD too. Jerk. :p
  4. Give us a break will ya. There's already enough shit in this forum without quoting stuff from the Herald-Sun.
  5. But you see, Nev, it's all in your perspective; let me guess, everything YOU post is worth reading, and anything that other people post is up for critical analysis.
    Sorry, old son, it just doesn't work like that; it's a democracy and an unregulated medium, so if you don't like what everybody else posts, whatever the source, you know what to do, don't you?????
  6. As far as guesses go, that's a pretty shit one...

    Which only means that Nev has every right under the sun to ask that something he perceives as being not worthy of taking up space in said medium not be posted...

    Wait, I know this one... you... quote the Bible at them, don't you?
  7. like it or not, the herald sun is full of shit :LOL:

    but yeah, its all perspective isn't it. this writer sees a couple of riders zoom past him (probably me yesterday :oops: ) at a time he'd consider innapropriate (like, any time at all :LOL: ) and assumes that we're all dangerous hoons. just the same way we see his 4WD change 2 lanes in front of us without indicating or looking and we assume all 4WDs are a death trap waiting to happen :D

    farkit, cant win, might aswell have some fun living up to our name. safer too, at least we can get in front of these death traps nice and quick 8)
  8. That's OK, we whinge about cagers all the time, this bloke is entitled to have ago at riders. Just as long as he doesn't work on Spring St (with his likeminded mates) that is - they're the ones you need to worry about having views like this.
  9. Another vote for a pissed off 4WD'er looking for a hug from other pissed off motorists.

    'They' buy big gas guzzling vehicles that accelerate like a sloth with a cattleprod up it's butt, handles like a pregnant sloth, and stops... well not like a sloth! Then they have to nerve to whinge about bikers who buy small vehicles, that use FAR less petrol, far more efficient, and FAR more fun (! :D); out on the roads getting from place to place at (or near) the speed limit.

    Sure, there are moron's in cars & on bikes... so may they all enjoy reading the Herald Sun.

    Another Age reader here... :p
  10. And as soon as he parks his car, he becomes a pedestrian!!!!!
  11. does the bloke from the letter actually drive a 4wd, or have we embellished somewhat? :)
  12. When it comes down to it, the whole problem is a social attitude towards driving which says "high stress". Look how often someone getting cut up causes a big argument or fisticuffs.

    I find just chilling the heck out and not getting aggro at drivers helps me no end. I just rip past them and focus my attention towards the next guy who's going to do the same thing to me. Since I lane-split, always get to the front of the queue, park on the footpath, and generally piss drivers the hell off just by being a biker I figure the payment for that is them subconciously trying to crush me with their heavy tin cans.

    I just prepare for it and let it all wash over me. Truth be told I wish I could easily carry a sign which said "Relax - there's much more important things to worry about!". I can think of about a billion things much more worthy of my time - starting with the health & happiness of my 3-month old son.

    Whenever I'm getting screwed by the world now, I just take one look into those eyes and see how much my presence makes him happy - that's all I need. :)

  13. Not to be picky, Marty, because I know what you mean, but I was speaking in broad terms, ie, this country is a democracy, and the Internet is an unregulated medium.
  14. Just embellished. :D
    But hey! Jump on the bandwagon... grab the popcorn, oh and don't forget the ladder. ;)
  15. Yeah but its not just car drivers att either, fellow bikers can give you just as much attitude as well !!

    Coming home tonight i was following a 996 cati up Furntree Gully rd all the way from Scoresby to the Monash Carpark, sat on the limits all the way ! chated at the lights the whole bit, untill we got to the onramp just past Brandon Park, he must of thought he could loose me on the big RH sweeper!
    and got narky just bc i took him in the outside lane :twisted:

    He passed me in what even i would call an idiotic lane spilting manouver, then was being smart by blocking me in and slowing me down, endangering both himself / me and the peak hr cage traffic.

    I left him behind as soon as i could as he was too busy watching me instead of the traffic movements, i saw a gap he didn't and was past and gone before he blinked !!

    So goes to show anyone can be a dick out there on the road !!

    * rant over * :D :p
  16. hmm.. you should look at the mirror next time my friend..

    not accusing.. but it seems that you are trying to prove something to someone..

    be careful next time.. if you think he's endangering himself and you in the process.. why didnt u backed up a little bit and let him do his thing.. but no you had to do something about it did yah?

    it seems he's not the only dick in your story... ;)

    again be very careful.. the road is not a playground..

  17. I always wanted to carry a sign that said "Keep left unless overtaking - MORON"..

    But hey, that's just me :)


  18. I'll have one of those signs to please.
  19. hahaha.. seconded..