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Some days you should just not get out of bed grrrrr

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cruisingal, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Set off down the driveway on the bike, get to the bottom and park the bike to get the mail.

    Jump back on, side stand up, put foot down but it didn't stop :evil: Went right out from under me on the gravel...sh1t, sh1t, sh1t (actually that's not what I said but for the sake of a PG rating on the forum it will have to do :oops: ).

    Well I managed to take most of the weight and step off without injury to myself...well that's one good thing that happened today I spose :?

    Very minor damage to the side cover, which apparently is just a decal anyway, so for less than $20 I have ordered another one.

    One bent bar end screw. Luckily no damage to the heated hand grips I put on on the weekend...okay that's two good things that have happened today.

    Fast forward to tonight:

    Roll up for netball, last period and I have to play centre position. I told them I'm too old for that sh1t and will probably keel over with heart failure

    Well, first pass, I intercept the ball, and go down like a bag of the proverbial :evil: Rolled my ankle over and just heard lots of popping, and geez I hope I didn't really hear a crack. :(

    Rolling around on the court like I'm a demented old fool (which I probably am anyway) and have had the ice on for 4 hours now :cry:

    Very, very tender with some localised swelling on top of the foot, so maybe it is only a minor injury.

    Here's hoping, cos I am NOT going to miss Sophie's fundraising ride tomorrow. It's my right foot, so I reckon I will be right only having to operate the brake lever with it. Couldn't possibly have changed gears if it was the left foot...oo wow, that's the third good thing for the day :grin:

    Anyway rain, hail or hobbling, I will be there with bells on tomorrow, just get ready to catch me when I pull up :wink: :LOL:

    Tomorrow has got to be a better day :cool:
  2. You poor bugger.

    I was going to suggest you make lemonade however it's kinda hard when the lemons you were given are full of worms and rot...

    My day started with burning my lap with a coffee not three minutes after getting to my desk if that's any consolation?

    Cheer up chap, no light without the dark for comparison! :)
  3. Aargh!...and right before the big ride to, CG!...
    Tape up that ankle or cut it off or whatever you have to do to get there - we'll look after ya. :)
  4. Bugger, you should have stayed in bed CG.
    Be good to see you tomoro and we will all await your arrival like the firetrucks for a damaged plane.......no foam though I promise.
  5. Ouch x 2 Maybe you should have it xrayed, swellings not good :cry:
  6. Talk about thinking positive! :LOL: Way to go CG!!

    I hope your ankle doesn't cause you too much trouble though - like Haggis said, perhaps you should get it x-rayed...just to be sure.

    Looking forward to catching up with you tomorrow - it's been way too long. :( Must get another Gippy ride organised. :)
  7. So... did your team win the netball match after all ya posing, gawd some people will do anything to get out of playing centre :wink:

    See ya tomorrow Lianne, if I can continue to PI for the supers with a black ankle, you can make it to the BBQ :LOL:

    Seriously, sorry to hear about ya bad day, I've had a few lately too!
  8. Swelling is normal. For most people if you can walk on it that means it's probably no more damage than what you think. But, some people are more pain tolerant. You should know if you've broken anything, even if a doctor wont believe you (I've had that before).

    If a bone is damaged and you're able to cope now, you can cope until after Sophie's ride and then check it out. Panadols are your friends.
  9. Hey Gal, i'll be there to catch you when you turn up. Hope the ankle heals real quick. Cya Tomorrow Rod. :cool:
  10. ach! stop your winging! i've been boating without my right ankle!

    honest to goodness boating!

    seriously, if you don't make it, everyone will understand. everyone comes across a day in their life where injury really gets in the way of fun.

    a sprain can be pretty severe in the first few days. i think you will be lucky to get around without a pair of crutches.

    look out for the good old 'joint effusion' i had one of those. it's when the joint separates a little bit. tis often mistaken for a sprain. treated the same tho.

    good luck getting there!!!!!
  11. Two Panadine 15 make up for one panadol forte :wink:

  12. Hope you feel better soon, just proves that sport is bad for you :)
  13. Well I have been :rofl: at your posts, but Stump, yours was the one that really got to me Chookie[​IMG]

    Geez, what am I complaining about, it's still attached isn't it :oops: :wink: :LOL:

    Okay, I have had a very sleepless night, have managed to keep swelling to minimal, but I think there may be a few strains and stuff in there. Very, very tender in 3 spots.

    Have had panadol (can't take anti-inflammatory, I'm allergic), and it's helping some.

    Have got it strapped and I figure with my bike boot on it will offer some support :)

    I'll see how I go, might even end up jumping on behind someone. :cry:

    For those that haven't met me yet, don't think I am being rude when sitting down all day, it's won't be by choice, so please come over and introduce yourself :)

    I think you better have the trucks out Stookie, but I want foam :twisted: :LOL:

    Think I will go get it checked out in Warragul on the way home this arvo though, don't want to waste the day in outpatients when there are more worthwhile things to be doing :)
  14. I shouldn't even be complaining, I've got nothing on Sophie either :oops:

    BTW: We won our game and they decided to move us up to Division 1 :evil:
  15. :roll: Tisk, some people will do anything to get out of riding with me.
    If you make it. I'll put on a bbq for you next weekend. :wink:
    Fun and laughter is the best medicine, we can take turns in tickling you! :p
    Hope it's not too bad luv. Hope to see you today.
    You could always cage it! Aaaaah nup. That'd be insult to injury.

  16. he he, I'll hold you to that Chef, I'm practicing walking around with my boot on :LOL:

    I briefly thought of driving, but that would be worse having to use my foot on the accelerator the whole time, so the bike it is :)
  17. That's the way Lianne, tough as nails this Gippy Gal.
    be good to see you on this one.
  18. :rofl: ha ha! i remember the day i asked myself that very question.

    you can't tell without having a peek because you can still feel a phantom foot. so you keep checking!

    i will log on later to see how it all went. been thinking of you. i hope the weather is better down your way than here in sydney.

    stump it up! :cool:
  19. Hop-a-long! :LOL: So glad you made it today - was ace to finally meet you :grin:

    Now i've told you..what..two? three times now? GO TO THE DOCTOR! :LOL:

    Hope it's not too bad after today honey *hugs*
  20. Was an absolutely beautiful day to hold an inspiring event :cool:

    I stopped off at the hospital on the way home but didn't make it through the doors :oops:

    By the time I got there it was about 6pm I was cold, tired, hungry and just wanted to get the he11 home. Didn't feel like sitting around for a couple of hours waiting to be seen.

    Heading off to bed now, but ringing my doctor in the morning I promise Peeahh, okay :oops: