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Some days...it's not safe to get out of bed.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gegvasco, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. I don't know what it is about some days being prone to problems but today was one of those days. Thanks to a lot of defensive riding, I normally only have a near miss thanks to someone's stupidity maybe once a month.

    Then I had THREE really close ones in the space of 1 hour today! WTF! One, yeah whatever. Two, man, what are the chances. But three!

    First one, riding down the left bus lane approaching an intersection, car in the middle lane and a bit ahead of me doing 20 under the limit, so I think watch this guy because he may going slow because he is thinking about turning left so I back off and stay out of the blind spot. Pause....get right up to the intersection, nope he is going straight so I ease on the gas and start to go past. Sure enough, no indicator and a hard swerve to the left he has almost cleaned me up. Luckily I was still watching him so I swerved and was hard on the brakes in the gutter as he missed my front wheel by about 20cm. Had no idea I was there.

    Second one, same thing but on the other side. Woman going slowly in traffic moving away from the lights. I had been next to her at the lights and was right beside her the whole way up until she merged straight into me. I saw her coming, on the brakes and missed her rear bumper by about 10cm. Honked and she almost shat bricks when the noise made her actually look around and see a motorbike right there. How f%^&ing oblivious to the world can some people be. I was right beside her window FFS!

    Not 100m later at a two lanes turning right and I am in the right lane, am being wary of the bus turning right from the middle lane in case he needs more room at the inside of the turn. But he goes wide and has heaps of room as there is a third bus lane on the road we are turning into. So I start to go around alongside him when he decides he wants to change lanes into my lane in the middle of the turn at the most critical point. There was about two foot between the side of bus and the median which I managed to slot through.

    Does this mean I won't have any dramas for three months now? Here's hoping.
  2. Can you get me tomohawk missiles?

    Oh, yeah, and blind cages suck.
  3. Time to go for that long ride down south :cool:
  4. I'm in the final stages of prep. Route logged(1500km - 50% dirt), GPS attached, Google Earthed the entire route, even found a ride report from the area from three days ago!
  5. That reminds me of an incident I had when I was riding through the latrobe valley past one of the power stations. A woman was crawling along the left of the road sightseeing into an open cut mine and I was approaching from behind. I *knew* she was going to pull out without looking, when she did I pulled up right next to her and hit the horn and acted as if she almost killed me. The look on her face was priceless, now there's someone who is always going to look for motorcycles from now on.
  6. Was it Bad Gregg CBR or Good Gregg DL ?

    I've seen Bad Gregg CBR, so i'm not too quick on making judgement on this ! :LOL:
  7. It was CBR Gregg but I was being careful. I wasn't even splitting! Ah HA! There was my mistake! :LOL:
  8. Yeah darl it that happens frequently around here
    cut off ,lane change without looking ect

    bought Myself a chrissy pressy


    hidden compressor :grin:

    a :LOL: was a 4x4 last week
    lots of traffic came around
    from burwood hwy into scoresby road
    car parked on road blocking traffic

    4x4 just went to pull into my lane

    me watching
    hit the horn long and LOUD (139 db)

    well he shite bricks so bad he nearly went up the curb

    i did the point to my eyes and to HIS
    he was shocked and embaressed

    (amazing what you see in a second )

    dont think he will Forget my Lil cruiser too soon :LOL:

    i aint afraid to use it Anytime i see fit neither

    now when i go for rides i feel safer :grin:

    Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh
    and it is Great for clearing low flying birds and kanga's of the road toooo :p
  9. Hey, I've been thinking about getting one of these, like you say even for the novelty value of scarring the shit out of the thumb-up-bum cagers. Does that air horn have a lag time while it spools up from hitting the button to making noise? I heard there was a 1-2 second delay.
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  11. LadyRider - thanks for the recommendation. Been thinking about a horn upgrade for my vehicles too.

    But I find those product descriptions a little lacking, don't they know that
    Yeah dawg! You will sound like a fscking cargo ship!
    Would sell tonnes more product than "Twin Tone" ???

    Gregg - the benefit of driving for a few years, eh?
    "I don't know what this retard is going to do... but I know it'll be something stupid, and pretty soon."
  12. Bloody Lucky is all I can say

    Glad to see all ends well even if there might be a few more greys and stripped nerves.
  13. There weren't any kangas when I lived in the area. I know its a bit backward out there.. but.. :p
  14. Hmmm I wonder how the law would feel if you dropped thumbtacks on the road just in front of these people hah....
  15. ohhhhh Tramp Tramp Tramp :roll:
    hunny i often go for rides in the country :LOL:
    more often than not i am on my bike riding to Eildon and surrounds
    to visit my mates

    the worst spot(s) is between
    coldstream and healesville
    buxton and taggerty
    ( 10 years on these roads up to 5 days a week i also have Huge spot lights on my car )
  16. I was kidding, I spent 15 years in the area and just moved back to Ringwood. :p

    I knew people who lived at Yarra Glen and Healsville so I know the areas fairly well. Some nice rides out there, trying to do some more now I'm back. :cool:
  17. ahhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaa :wink:
  18. Ok Why do I get the impression I am NOT being believed here.....

    (skulks back to his corner....) :cool: :facepalm:
  19. Probably the same way the next bike rider that comes along and discovers the left-over ones, would feel.

    You may be interested in the KSMA Caltrops :grin:
  20. Had days like this where nothing seems to be going right and everyone seems to want to run you over more than usual.
    If I'm having a day like that and I have the choice I put the bike back in the shed.
    No point messing with fate I reckon.
    Good day to stay in bed. Let my maker wait another day before he meets me.
    Maybe I might slip under his radar if Im sleeping :grin:

    Well here's hoping.