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Some days don't turn out as planned

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CamKawa, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. At about 8:30am this morning I’m heading down the Monash Freeway to the Langwarrin Hotel to the meeting point for today’s ride when the carb icing problem I encountered last weekend returns. Frustrated I head to Brighton Kawasaki where I have quick chat to Ken, the owner of the shop about the problem. Ken says leave it with me and take the demo ’05 ZX-10 for the weekend. Sounds like a fair deal to me! I transfer my custom number plate cover from ZX9 to the 10 and then hit the start button. A rooster tail of steam about 2 meters long comes out of the exhaust which soon disappears and even idle takes shape.

    The first thing I notice when I taking off is how much more bottom end power the 10 has over the 9. Where to go now is the next question? I’m now running too late to make to the Netrider starting point on time and and I don't have anyones phone number on me so I decide that Reefton is the best place to test ride the ZX10. The freezing morning starts to make its way through my thermals by about Warbaton and I start to physically shake. What’s it going to be like going over the mountain? I stop at the bottom of the Reefton spur to warm up, no other bikes are around. Guess it’s too cold for most people with good sense which was sort of good as I had the whole run to myself.

    Cracking open the throttle on the ZX10 is an experience. It leaves all other bikes I've ridden before in my life behind. The power is deceptive; it comes on strong without any fuss and is as smooth as silk. The bike is so light changes of direction mid corner aren’t a problem, it carved up Reefton in a flash. This bike is seriously FAST. At Cumberland Junction and lone copper on a bike has set up a road block and pulls me over. “Just a license check” he says to me. I get out my license and try to keep the small talk going to prevent from having a look at the rear of my bike but the tactic fails miserably. “I’m going to give you a ticket for an obscured number plate mate.” he says and goes away and wrights up a ticket for $115 and 3 points. I smile at him and don’t look the slightest bit fussed has he hands it to me which I think pissed him off. :grin: I ride down to Marysville for lunch at the bakery.

    The ride through the Black Spur was a blast with all the traffic heading out of town and by now I’ve got the hang of the bike and really start to let rip. I fill up at the Ampol servo at Healesville and fly home via King Lake. An interesting day to say the least.

    Here are some pics http://s68.photobucket.com/albums/i16/camkawa/ZX10 Reefton/

  2. How many times have I warned you about that thing Cam when riding in the hills?

    Honestly, do you reckon the cop would've given you a ticket otherwise?

    Just don't speed in town. Cheapest form of fare evasion.

    Glad you got to take the ZX10 for a spin though. Sounds like a nice bike.

    Would've loved to have been there with you.
  3. So you could almost say you rented the zx10 for the day for $150... fair deal if you ask me. Bad news about the fine anyways :(
  4. what where you doing obscuring your numberplate? The 10 sounds like an amazing machine.
  5. wot, no picture of your obscured number plate??

    sounds like a nice ride, bu no sympathy about the fine and the points, you deserved it.
  6. Ahhh Cam... that tricky plate finally got you eh?? It almost got you when I got pulled over for a "licence check" that ride we did together a few months back.... what a bugger!!?

    Lucky devil to get a 10 as a ride. Haven't had the chance to look at the 10. What was the comfort factor like? It looks a bit too track focussed for mine... what's the wind blast like??

    Carb icing in the 9 is a worry... I have the same bike!!! The earlier 9's had that as an issue... I've never heard it as a recent model 9 issue. It hasn't occured on my bike and I rode in 2degC conditions the other night for a good 25minutes.

    Hope it sorts itself out bro.


  7. http://www.ghostplates.com/ - Super Protector
  8. The bike is surprising comfortable. I did about 300 odd k's today and didn't have sore writs. The seat is harder and the under seat pillion area can only accommodate a digital camera! :shock: On the 9 I can fit 2 bottles of water, a digital camera and my sunnies.

    It happened a lot with the C model and Kawa resolved the problem by running coolant through the carbs to heat them up and prevent them from freezing from the E model onwards. What’s happening Ken thinks on my bike is that the warming coolant isn't being run through my carbs for some reason. He changed the coolant filter but the problem persists. He's now going to clean the carbs and see if that helps. I have ridden the bike when it's started to snow before haven't had any problems up until now. Ken can take his time fixing it, I'm happy with the 10 :grin:
  9. These products are amazing. Are they legal in Oz?
  10. Bugger about the fine, but sounds like you had a great ride :grin:

    Is an upgrade calling?
  11. Yep, it's definitely calling, but I can't justify spending the money on new bike right now.
  12. Well considering I just got a fine for it (read the original post). Take a wild guess.
  13. Hey, so you gonna keep it on or leave it off?

    Good luck with the ZX10, they're a nice looking bike. They look quick when they're not moving.
  14. Hmm, no comment your honour :cool:
    It's a missile.
  15. Looks good Rob, having a switch would have saved me $115 and 3 points. I agree it's pricey and is it water proof?
    Have you looked at one of those flip up license plates devices? They to flip up with a flick of a switch.
  16. I took the ZX10 for a 400k run today. Bloody cold but what fun, I had so much fun in fact that I ran through 16.5 litres in just 200k. The tank only holds 17. :shock:
  17. Shit! 16.5 to 200km? Wow, you did have fun!!

    I think that with or without the switch, you'd still get pinged. If you get pulled over, they're gonna sus it straight away. The pull up ones are better, they're harder to figure.

    Of course, you could always avoid speeding :p :grin:
  18. I know one guy with one, and unless the cop see's it in operation or has a very good look at it, then a casual look would certainly pass.