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Some crazy ar$e lane splitting

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by fishpost19, Aug 30, 2007.

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    Some crazy yank lane splitting at speed down a freeway in LA. :shock: Look at the speed he is doing it at, and has a couple of close calls with other drivers. Hope noone here rides like this.


    Sorry if its already been posted. I searched but there are so many threads in the multimedia section containing "lane splitting".
  2. That is totally insane. The rider only needed one person to change lanes at low speed in one of the gaps and he would have been toast.
    I'm personally not a fan of lane splitting while cages are moving at a reasonable speed.
  3. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    He must have a lot of faith or just doesn't care?! :shock:
  4. the camera persoective makes it look like he's travelling much faster.
    If you notice the cars they are barely moving.
  5. I'm not a fan of slitting past the very slow moving traffic as fast. I've found that can be the time when cagers get particularly antsy to change lanes. When they're stopped, the can't do a lot; when they're moving decently, they're happy enough; but that point where they don't want to be stuck completely, they do sudden manouvers to get out.

    I've learnt not to go faster than my brain can process (some days are better than others!). ie I need to assess every car with enough warning for me to be able to react (looking ahead, but not so far things could happen before that point). Generally I don't feel comfortable or have enough bike control to go more than about 20-30km/hr faster than the traffic. Of course, if I'm too slow I'm in blind spots for too long.

    It's all a balance, and I don't think that rider was going faster than his head was assessing, but it's faster than I can imagine being able to react to if someone swerved too closely infront.
  6. It has actually been sped up. Read the notes a couple down from the top and te author admits to having doubled the speed of the tape.
  7. lol that's scam
  8. If you look at the comments he says that he's doubled the speed...
  9. :LOL: Well then, he's a poonse! Just kidding. Sounds a lot more sane at half speed. Definitely more entertaining to watch as is though.
  10. thats not fake and not impossible, couriers are good at this. Again just takes excellant judgement.
  11. All it needed was someone to change lanes onto him with out indicating.

  12. Yeah, those are the people whose film you don't see (so you don't know they did it) ;)

    Does a tree make a sound in the forest when it farts if no one is there to hear it?
  13. If a man thinks a thing in the forest and there is no woman there is he still wrong?
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    What was he showing us...how slow he can go!? Obviously, since he needed to speed it up to try and make himdself look like a hero..

    My Girl, Pinkxie, does a much better job of splitting traffic than that! :) ...In fact, most experienced commuters here in Melbourne do better than that in far more dense traffic as a matter of course. shish!

    He picks bad lanes, get's jammed in when he could have gone around - twice!, and in relatively light traffic.
  16. Wow, thats slow. He should be tripling that speed to even consider that to be a good effort and those gaps are massive!
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    My mother can lane split rings aruond that fairy!
  18. What bike was he using??

    One thing missing was Melbourne driver predliction to erratic lane changes!

    Not that bad an effort I thought - major wanker though for putting out a double speed version.

    I think I'd like to see Pinkxie and Bugs' mum have a split off! :LOL:
  19. :LOL: :LOL: :shock:

    Seriously though....for the sake of the less experienced riders - because of the danger inherent in the speed differential, it's important NOT to just go blasting through everything...rather...keep your speed at 20k's or less, higher than the cars at any given point, and you'll have a little margin to avoid that sudden "lane-jumper"...
    Any idiot can go faster...but you gotta do it the smart way. :shock: