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Some coppers are ok

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Z900, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Having a little blast today going through yaramambat and i see a copper sitting on the side of the road :shock: look down at speed oops 105 ks in a 80 zone :cool: .He just looks at me and motions slow down :grin: 3 points and cash saved :grin:

  2. Needs to be a little bit more of that... glad to hear a positive cop experience, and that there is at least one out there with some common sense!
  3. Very true, they aren't all bad. It is not so much them but policy makers that are the trouble. As much as some will say there are no quotas , there are. I remember going to a Christmas BBQ a couple years back, and one of the host was a copper and something come up about RBTs and he quite openly said there is a quota not on how many they get but on how many test are conducted.
  4. Yeah a few weeks ago i was doing about 70-80Kmh down War Memorial drive here in Adelaide...

    A cop came the other way around the corner ahead, started high beaming me, so i slowed and waved at him cheekily, when he got got beside me he looked pretty angry :)lol:) and was pointing either at me or motioning for me to pull over, so i pointed in the same direction he was pointing and just kept on going, he never bothered to turn around and get me tho!
  5. I had a good cop experience a couple of weeks ago...

    My first day with the ZX6R so I was taking it easy, sticking to the speed limit and just cruising. Was on my way home and coming around the back of William Hovell Drive (two lanes - real gentle uphill curve, paddocks on both sides...), it was a Monday afternoon so stuff all traffic, so decided to give her a wristful just to see what it was like. Got up to about 160km/h (is 90 zone), noticed a bike coming the other way... was a copper. He lifted his left hand off the handlebar and wagged his finger at me... and just kept going.

    If I had of copped a ticket well fair enough, I don't normally go much above the speed limit. But needless to say, I'm pleased I didn't!!
  6. Just like everyone else you have to take the good with the bad!

    Also relates back to revenue collection!
    Not happy Jan!
  7. Sounds like good luck....

    But the thread is in wanted?? :?
  8. The only reason he didnt pull you over was because he was a lazy pig. There is no such thing as a good cop - power trippers the lot of em, not to mention corrupt.
  9. Many moons ago I was living in England, and one dark night I was riding home down winding country lanes on a BSA C15 (a 250 single to the uninitiated), with a mate behind on a 450 Ducati Single. I decided just for the hell of it to give him a run, knowing I didn't stand a snowballs chance in hell. Soooo off I went in the dark. After a few minutes I couldn't believe he hadn't passed me, so I looked behind and there was his headlight (all you can see in the dark), right on my tail! I threw that thing around like a madman for the next couple of miles, thinking I had woken up that morning as Giacomo Agostini, until we entered a village with street lights. It was then that I realised the bike behind me was a bit big for 450 Duke, and it had nice blue lights on the front. I pulled over expecting the sky to fall on me, and was blown away when the cop pulled up beside me on his 650 Thunderbird, laughing his socks off saying, "Ya gotta be kidding me sonny, and don't use my road as a bloody race track"...he then just rode off.
  10. cop onto yourself mate. they are only doing there job trying to keep our streets safer. if it wasn't for them the cagers would be driving more stupid than they already do.

    i bet the first you do if you get mugged or a cager knocks you off your bike etc is give that "lazy pig" a call. i wonder if you will be calling them lazy or corrupt then.
  11. You know a few personally do you Arnie ? You sound like a lovely bloke, what does you family members do for a living , or maybe your best friends, would you disassociate with them if they were a cop or remove them from the family .. probably! casue your an idiot
  12. HEY! That's MY little secret test track! :evil:
    ...and look what you've done now - ruined it.
    Seriously, since when did the cops patrol that area? Nobody ever went there, not so long ago. So he was on radar duty? Or just happened to be there?
  13. I don't associate with them, corrupt mob of ......

    They should only be seen @ mardi gras.
  14. I think there's actually a lot of good cops - I know a few of them. There are two things that make their life tough - the few cops who are pricks who give them all a bad name, and (as has been mentioned) the revenue raising role that interferes with their real public protection role.

    Anyone else give cops on bikes a nod?
  15. Many moons ago when I was on my "L's" I was heading towards the Nthrn burbs of Brisvagas when I looked to my right and there is this bloody great big BMW with the flashy bits. I'm on my L (no L plate in qld at that time) on my little ZZR250 and I'm packing it as my "supervising rider" which is required in Qld is nowhere to be seen. :oops: oh dear. I look across and so does he......... Gives me a nod and rockets away up the freeway leaving me at 100km/h like I'm stopped!

    Never saw him again but, nice bloke. And he nodded!!! :p
  16. ...

    Yea I wave to em all the time but thats probably because I am one. :grin: good to see most people are realistic and take the good with the bad, but there will always be people with shit attitudes out there (including coppers).
    and yes i do ride bikes and speed (occasionally)
    and yes i have been booked.
  17. Bout time we heard from a Copper ..... oh my god there human nice to hear from you BJ
  18. He probably DIDNT have a radar gun to detect your speed.. noticed u were going quicker than other cars, so he signals you to slow down. Doesnt pull u over because he cant prove it.
  19. Re: ...

    :LOL: - at least you're honest about it.
    I've encountered some jerk cops.
    and encountered some great ones. Had 1 pull me over in my old crappy car once, doing a rego check. he said "Do you realise it's out of rego?"
    I said "actually I registered it an hour ago - check the sticker"
    He did & said "sorry, must have my thick head on today. oh sounds like your exhaust has a hole in it, you might want to get that looked at. see ya!"

    Turns out my exhaust DID have a hole in it so I got it fixed. What a nice bloke.
  20. I always nod at the bike cops, usually get a nod back too :)

    I was travelling a little fast through the hills in my car(swift GTi, at the time anyway) and the undercover flashed his lights at me to slow down, did not bother with booking me.

    On another occassion I overtook a semi-trailer in a 110 zone, cars appeared so I sped up. Got to 140 and a copper(car coming the other way, faster than what I was) booked me.

    Thats life, sometimes it's all good, sometimes you get screwed