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some car "things" on a bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by theprof, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. the first real ride on my bike got me thinking how nice it would be to have just two functional things from cars on bikes.
    1. a gear shift indicator so people like me with memories like goldfish can keep track
    2. a turn indicator that shuts itself off after the turn is made preventing nincompoops like me from flicking it left then right then left then right till finally (hallelujah) the center is discovered

    perhaps these are options available on other bikes?

  2. Yep, they are. Gear indicator is on some fuel-injected bikes since the fuel-mapping changes depending on what gear the bike is in. Pretty sure there's a few bikes that have indicators that turn off after a given time, and I think the Goldwing has ones with some sort of tilt sensor so do turn off automatically after making a turn.
  3. The VTR250 (and other bikes) has a "cancel" function on the indicators: Push the lever "in" like a button to cancel the indicator. Not quite the same as self-cancelling, but "push to cancel" is a lot easier than trying to flick it left/right into the centre.

    (Don't worry... nobody told me about push-to-cancel either!) :)
  4. If I ever get another bike :( i will want cruise control lol, well.. especially when I do my frequent drives to qld, but the next time i go it'll be on a bike.. i'd hate to have no cruise control (regardless of it being illegal or not :p)
  5. Spots, thanks so much! That makes life so much easier!
  6. I'm sure it would be covered in the manual. What else dont you know about? :LOL:
  7. i had a 1980 model yamaha SR500 with self-cancelling indicators, and most (maybe all) the GN250 suzukis ive seen have a gear read-out

    but these sorts of things tend to be overkill
  8. There is a special accessorie that can be purchased that goes around your excelerator handle bar.

    It acts as a cruise control, you basically bring it to the speed you want and then lock it in.

    check it out at bikebiz.com.au, road accessories, handle bar accessories.

    Then you got your self Cruise control. :)

  9. that souds dangerous. what if your going downhill. or an emergency? you might be able to brake... but your still accelerating.
  10. Ummmmm have you tried just pushing/pressing the little indictor d1ck IN???
  11. Yeah, I can't find the thread (didn't look long though :oops:) but from memory robsalvv had a stack because of a throttle rocker. I could use one when needing to stretch (and when impersonating the Rio de Janeiro Jesus) but would be a dangerous temptation to use it and drop focus.
  12. just get a bike with a throttle that sticks :p
  13. I've used a throttle lock before. Cost $60 and took about 20 minutes to install (not very difficult, just terrible instructions). I found that to get it to lock without slipping I had to tighten it up quite alot, resulting in making the throttle more snatchy. It also takes up space on the handlebar, but thats not a huge concern.

    I did find it useful for adjusting my gloves, putting sunnies in pocket, zipping pockets up, waving with both hands and using it to give my right hand a break.

    However, this was on my zzr. Meaning that if the road inclined slightly up, I'd lose speed because of the bikes lack of torque, and releasing the lock (takes a bit of effort), shifting down, adjusting throttle, etc. just made it annoying.

    So I returned it for a refund. I will probably invest in one when I upgrade to something that will be able to use it much more practically.
  14. its just a plastic clip / rest thing that lets you hold the throttle in place without gripping it. No reason you can't decelerate.
  15. There're proper cruise-control units for bikes which will speed-match (not just hold the throttle open) and will automatically shut-down when you tap the brake. $200 or $300 or so though.

    The 'tap brake to cancel cruise-control' thing is an ADR requirement AFAIK, too?
  16. no they were actually talking about a throttle lock when it was first mentioned, completely different to a throttle rocker
  17. I had one of these on my CBR


    These are super cool and have some neat functions such as battery voltage on ignition on. You wont appreciate this as much until you your reg/rectifter starts to die

    I didnt find out about the push to cancel until a few months ago...
  18. Real cruise control would be a great feature for long touring - allow $500.

    Throttle lock - locks the throttle in position by countering the spring return force. You can still rotate the throttle if you need, or just hit the button and it unlocks. $30-$150. Inexpensive end is an expanding disc inbetween throttle and switch block. High end is the replacement bar end weight type.

    Throttle rocker, $7 - $20. Bit of curly plastic that fits over your throttle and allows you to use your palm to operate the throttle. Not good for spirited or scratching riding!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect for long stretches and sweepers though... as someone who busted their wrist, it's definitely part of my bag of tricks.

    The cage feature I'd like on my bike is... a frigging bull bar! :twisted:
  19. I'd recommend talking to your insurance company before you decide to install a throttle lock, something in the dim dark reaches of my memory tells me that they frown on this little modification.
  20. Hey you could always have an audible indicator set up like a postie bike has!