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Some cagers! God help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by chickibabe, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Well today I finally went out on my bike after almost two months of being off it, (from a workplace accident ) Well i was going to go for about 3 hours anyway. But things changed! :(

    I'm having to build my confidence back up again, get back into the groove of things . Well I'm sure I had sign saying get me bike today, at first i thought I might just turn round and go home, but that is not going to help me.

    Well first thing coming up to a set of lights truck turning right, I'm going straight ahead, I noticed that the car coming the other way was turning right in front of the truck , So i set up and just coming up next to truck the car decides to take the chance and come straight across infront of me, instead of waiting for his green light. Well that gave me a little shiver . So keep going then coming back on Richmond Road sitting on 90, the speed limit and I''ve got these young idiot's in a ute right up my tail, I'm in the centre of my lane and I'm thinking shit should i pull over or just keep going, well kept going the next thing he is overtaking me on double lines and his passenger decides to put his arm out and try's to grab my bike. All i could think was oh sh#t,, so I reacted by swerving out to left to the side of road. I was so angry and my heart was racing I had to pull over and take a breath. So i got back on the bike after about 10 minutes and decided to head home. I'm not taking another chance today. Got home and sat down and thought now where did i go wrong today, did i do the right things to protect myself? I'm not quite sure if i did.
    Well that is my say today . I'm really glad that I'm back on 2 wheels.

    Cheers Lou
    CAUTION: Does not play well with others!!!!
  2. You got back onto the bike after losing confidence, I think its a pretty hard thing to do so good on ya. As for doing the right thing? You decided to get back on the bike slowly rather than just jump and assume you're gonna be fine. You were cautious and observed possible problems before you came to them and reacted accordingly. IMO ya did good :)
  3. off day, perhaps. we all have 'em.

    tomorrow will be peachy :)
  4. Did you get the rego , whats the cars description , id not like to encounter the idiot, i live just of richmond, may your next ride be a nice one
  5. by the sounds of it you did everything you could such as maintaining your buffer zone...

    you cant stop fcukwits bing fcukwits unfortunately, but you did the right thing turning around and heading home if you pushed on and something happened you may not have had the correct state of mind to avoid it
  6. he shoulda lost a mirror or got a boot in the door for that :evil:

    You can forgive a driver for a small lack of judgement cos they don't do it on purpose... but thats a gross invasion of your personal space. Some people have no respect and need a harsh lesson in it.

  7. Should have pulled over when they where right behind you but next time ay.

    As everyone said you did the right thing by heading back.

    While you gain your confidence back try riding with another rider (someone with group riding skills).
  8. Good work in keeping your cool and also predicting what you thought would happen. The arsehole are allways there with screamers and teh likes. Just don't get sucked into them. ie, don't retaliate as thats what they want.

  9. Yeah but if the crazy people are willing to reach out to grab a moving bike, who knows what they would do if you kicked the car. Best just to move on. Karma will intervene, and when it does, they will deserve every thing they get.

    Chickbabe, well done on avoiding any more trouble.
  10. IMO for wot its worth, you did good, you didn't react ie kick the door or the mirror, you responded, stopped took a breath swore at the F!@#$%t's and then went home. well done :mad: :) . Live to fight another day, eh.
  11. Agree with you on this one...
  12. well done for avoiding the drivers.

    as was said b4, a driver will not usually try and hit a rider, but in the second instance, you did well by staying out of reach and sensibly heading home.

    If you need some confidence boosting, come along this Sunday morning and hang at the back of the "learners" run from Mc Gaths Maccas for a run north! (see nsw rides)

  13. Buy a tinted visor.

    You will look like Captain Badass.

    No-one will mess with you.

    End transmission.
  14. U done good...... :wink:

    If anything next time u should have ride with someone else they could follow u, give u abit of a buffer zone...... That would be the best way to get ur confidence back...

    as for the d*@k in the car......they will get theirs, karmas a biatch.....

    good on ya for getting back on the bike though....
    tomorrow will be alot better....... :wink:
  15. Sometimes you have those days where you feel you're a magnet which atracts all the d i c k h e a d s .
  16. I do have one :cool:

    Sundays are out of question for me, someone should organise a saturday run. :grin:

    I didn't get the rego, but it was a very dark colour ute, happened that quick, but i was not quick minded to get rego info.
    But I'm going to get back out there tomorrow :LOL:
    Thanks guys
    Cheers Lou :LOL:
  17. What? Huh? Western Sydney?

    Ride with Donkey, Scrambles and myself sometime, if you're nervous.
    You can be right in the middle - we all assume whatever necessary role of lead bike / anti-tail-gaiter bike / and side-no-fast-surprisy-overtakes bike.

    The learners we've ridden with so far report a 100% survival rate! :grin:
  18. If your all going for a ride, CAN I COME! pillion of course.

    I miss riding so very much.
  19. [quote="Duffman
    Yeah but if the crazy people are willing to reach out to grab a moving bike, who knows what they would do if you kicked the car. Best just to move on. Karma will intervene, and when it does, they will deserve every thing they get.

    Chickbabe, well done on avoiding any more trouble.[/quote]
    Gotta Second Duffmans comments. Hope your next ride is a dream.
  20. when do you guys go out with learners... :p