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Some C*NT has stolen my bike 12/3/09

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by citymorgue2, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Just walked out fo the office to get some lunch and my bike has been stolen! I work in the cbd so i cant beleive someone has had the balls to steal it. so much for my bike lock

    yes ive called council to check. no they dont have it. i figured the worst since the other 30 bikes are still there (ie council didnt tow them).

    cant f*ckn believe it.

    anyway in case anyone sees it (yeah i know the chances of that). Electric blue Kawasaki zzr250. plate fd992.

    if see someone one it, punch the bastards!
  2. Dare I ask...


    When my first across was stolen, I got over it in about an hour cos I knew i'd have some cash to spend looking for another bike and a rental car for a few weeks to tide me over.
  3. Don't forget to post back when you get it back, before you ride it - otherwise you could be punched by an angry horde of scary Netriders.
  4. Don't stress too much, that's what your insurance is for.

    Just ring your insurer and let them worry about it.

    Then sit back and wait for your money to come and then you can go bike shopping. :idea:
  5. thank christ its insured. and yes id love a new bike. i want a street triple., but i aint off my restrictions until Jan next year.

    god im pissed.
  6. Sucks man, Bike locks are easily by passed with a skateboard.
  7. chip in the extra for an SV650 LAMS (Victoria has LAMS now right?)

    good mid way to a street triple. has decent tyre and suspension options compared to 250s.
  8. Don't be. It's a good opportunity to look at some bikes you may not have been bothered with trying. Or you could buy a cheap as bike and save the cash for a deposit on the striple next jan.
  9. thats sucks , thieving assholes :evil: , thank god it's insured. hopefully karma takes em into a street pole
  10. May the thief or thiefs live in interesting times.

    By that I mean mercilessly beaten to death. :LOL:
  11. Where in the CBD and what time?
  12. Bummer man sorry to hear it.

    Will keep an eye out for it.
  13. That totally sucks!

    When i park my bike in the CBD (syd). I always think. "It is just a zzr", who is going to bother stealing it over the range of sport bikes next to it.

    You have proven me very wrong. :shock:

    Hope you get your bike back soon!
  14. Sorry to hear that. Where was it parked? and got a pic?
    any distinguishing features?
  15. Geeze that sucks. I've got a 250cc, not insured. No disk lock. I figure who'd want to steal a 250cc anyway?

    But now, seeing this, i'm worried.

    What are these scum going to do with a bike they can't register/sell anyway? Part it out? It hardly seems worth sending overseas.

    F.ucking thieves.
  16. top of lonsdale st. between 9:30am and 1:50pm.

    my baby is gone.

    so yes its a new bike. so sv650 huh? any other suggestions? other than buying the triple and riding it uninsured!

    they will just trash it. i rang the council compound and they have 3 bikes all trashed beyong repair/recognition
  17. Is there really that much more anyone could have done? Would an alarm system have stopped them? If its in a busy street next to other bikes and has a lock what really can you do?
  18. i don't know if not having insurance is the way to go. Particularly if you know their are thieves in the area stealing bikes.

    If i waited 6 months for it to arrive and then had my uninsured street triple stolen, i'd be in a blood rage.

    I don't have insurance, but your story is making me think about it...
  19. Maybe step up to a CB400.

    Of course probably not good to think about replacements quite yet - otherwise it might almost be a disappointment if the cops do happen to find it.
  20. How did they steal it, I don't understand...

    there would have been a million people who would have seen it... Surely somebody would have twigged.